Starfield Failure To Communicate Walkthrough

In "Failure to Communicate", you need to help out Lopez repair some satellites that were damaged by the Spacers in Starfield.

Failure to Communicate is a side mission in Starfield that involves helping families protect their satellites from Spacers and persuading the family members to join a defense pact to fight against them

Side quests are found in a huge abundance all around the systems of Starfield, presenting you with different tasks to complete and compensating you heavily with rewards.

This guide includes all the necessary details that will help you find and complete this side quest.

How to unlock the Failure to Communicate mission

Enter the Aranae system and you are going to pick up a distress beacon from Alban Lopez that starts the “Failure to Communicate” side mission in Starfield. Follow the signal to his farm and speak with him to get your objectives.

Something to note here is that the planet you end up reaching after following the distress beacon might be different in each playthrough. Most players, though, found Alban Lopez on Aranae II.

How to complete Failure to Communicate in Starfield

Alban Lopez has been suffering at the hands of the Spacers who have been going after his communication satellites. Your first objective in Failure to Communicate is going to be fixing Lopez’s damaged satellites in Starfield.


Repair the communication satellites

There are a total of four satellites that you need to repair: Lopez, Wen, Banda, and Lemaire. You are going to start with Lopez. Head back to your ship and fly towards the Lopez satellite in orbit. Clear out the nearby Spacer Ships and then repair the satellite.

Do the same for the Wen, Banda, and Lemaire satellites as well afterward. These three, however, are going to be located in the orbit of three different planets which are also going to be randomly picked. Do not worry though. They will be marked on your map.

Something else to note is that you can repair the communication satellites in any order. You only need to first take out the Spacer Ships first before starting repairs.

Speak with Lopez on Jacquelyn’s Ship

Once you’ve fixed all of the satellites, a prompt will show asking you to visit Alan Lopez in Jacquelyn’s ship as your next objective in the Failure to Communicate side mission in Starfield.

When you enter Jacquelyn’s ship, you’ll instantly see Lopez asking Jacquelyn and Chanda Banda to form a defense pact to help stop the Spacers once and for all.

Convince Jacquelyn Lemaire to join the pact (optional)

Speak with Lopez to discuss your payment and future employment and convince both of the family members to join the pact.

Jacquelyn will be a bit hesitant to join the defense pact due to Lopez’s past. You can either use your persuasion skills to have her join the defense pact or pay 10,000 credits to compensate for Lopez’s past actions.

Go after the Spacers

Once both of the families are on board, head over to the Aranae IV-B and Aranae IV-D to eliminate the Spacers orbiting the planets.

After defeating them head back to Lopez’s Farm where the pact members will be waiting for you to help them clear out the Spacers Starstation orbiting the Aranae III.

This is the last battle that you will encounter in the Failure to Communicate side quest where you’ll have to engage in combat on foot and in your ship.

Clear out the Starstation and receive your payment in Starfield.

Starfield – Failure to Communicate mission rewards

  • 100 XP
  • 5000 Credits

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