Starfield Dead Stop Walkthrough

Dead Stop is the first in a four-part mission series in which you start by finding a missing worker in Starfield.

Everyone gets a second chance in life, however, the prisoners on the IxyII II planet may not have the same fate as their rehab center has been put on hold due to a missing construction worker.

The Dead Stop quest is all about finding the missing construction worker and bringing harmony to the prisoners who want a second chance in life in Starfield.

Dead Stop is the first of a four-part series of side quests that involve investigating what actually happened to the IxyII planet in Starfield.

How to unlock the Dead Stop mission

Find Sloan Temitope, the rehab leader of the Eleos Retreat, to unlock the Dead Stop mission in Starfield.

Make your way to the Ixyll II planet in the Ixyll system and your mission HUD will be updated with a new prompt to speak with Sloan.

How to complete Dead Stop in Starfield

After speaking to Sloan, she’ll advise you to speak with a member of the rehab, ‘Greg’ who was greatly injured while looking for the construction worker.

Greg will provide you with the first clue in helping you track down the Construction worker. He can be found in the main room of the Eleos Retreat and will inform you that while looking for the construction worker, ‘Kilman’ he encountered a beast that almost knocked him out.

Find Kilman

Kilman was last seen in the Mineral Caverns area. The Caverns are literal caves that can be found close to the Eleos Retreat. If you having trouble finding the entrance of the Cavern, look for very distinctive minerals poking out which lead to the entrance

Explore the Minerals Cavern

As you begin to explore the cave in search of Kilman, a number of Pack Glowhands will ambush you. Try to shoot their head as it guarantees a ton of damage and is a faster way of getting rid of them.

Once you’ve dealt with the Glowhands, head to the small tunnel located on the left side from the point of entrance where you’ll find Kilman terrified of what he just encountered you do to the beasts.

Ask Kilman ‘what happened’ and fast-travel back to the Eleos Retreat to speak with Sloan.

Return to Sloan

Upon reaching Eleos Retreat, Sloan, Jonah, and the rest of the prisoners ask Kilman what happened to him. Listen to their conversation and when everyone disperses speak with Sloan to complete the Dead Stop side quest in Starfield.

Sloan will ask you to investigate the person she believes is the kidnapper in the next quest of the series, Ghost Hunt.

Starfield – Dead Stop mission rewards

  • 75 EXP
  • 2500 Credits
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