How To Install Comspike Module in Starfield

You will need to install the Comspike and Conduction Modules in Starfield as part of a quest. Many players struggle with this as they don't know where to find these parts and how to install them.

The Comspike Module is a device that comes into play towards the end of the Crimson Fleet faction quest line, in the mission Eye of the Storm in Starfield. You will be required to travel to a planet called Bannoc IV. You will have to break into a secure facility and steal some money.

To get there, you need to install the Comspike Module in your ship, in addition to another device called the Conduction Grid. Many people struggle with this objective. Thankfully, the process of completing this process is rather simple.

How to get the Comspike Module in Starfield?

To get the Comspike Module in Starfield, first start the quest “Eye of the Storm” through the Crimson Fleet faction. You will speak with Delgado first, who will set you on the course to install the module. Exhaust the dialogue tree until you are free to move about.

The objective “Install both the Comspike Module and the Conduction Grid Module” will appear in your quest log. Next, you will need to talk to Jasmine (who is also known as Jazz). She is found in the same area. Talk to her and select the dialogue option:

  • Mind helping me with my ship?
  • I’d like to view and modify my ship.

Next, open the Ship Builder Menu, (the default button for this on PC is B, and on Xbox it’s X) and select the Add option (G on PC and A on Xbox). Finally, toggle over to the Equipment tab, where you will find the Comspike Module as well as the Conduction Grid module.

You do not actually need to buy or get the Comspike module and the accompanying Conduction Grid module in Starfield. This is because both of these items are free for the sake of the quest.


How to Install the Comspike Module in Starfield?

For the Installation process, you simply need to slot in the Comspike wherever there is free space on your ship. A blue glow indicates the free space. Additionally, the place to install it is near the Hull of the ship. Then, install the Conduction Modules.

Do note that you need to install not one but two Conduction Modules to progress through the mission. Installing only one results in your ship crashing as you travel to Bannoc IV.

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