Where To Find The Charybdis System In Starfield

Locate the hidden Charybdis system and jump to it.

There is an interesting location in the Starfield Charybdis system called Crucible. You’ll go there for a quest called Operation Starseed. But getting to the Charybdis system is not that easy. The problem is that the location is hard to pinpoint because it is on the edge.

Even if you somehow find it, the problem persists as you can’t access it. To solve these problems, here’s a guide to quickly go to the Charybdis system.

Starfield Charybdis system location

Finding the Charybdis system is a bit tricky. To find it, you first need to know about the systems that are nearest to it.

  • South and a little towards the west from Ixyll.
  • Directly north of Serpentis.
  • East from Kyrx

If you locate any of these systems, look towards the Charybdis System direction, as mentioned above, to find it. However, there is a chance you may still be lost as the map is 3D, and one turn can change most of the locations. Let’s look at it from the perspective of the Starfield Starmap.

Make sure you are on Alpha Centauri, then zoom away until the whole map is in your view. Now, look towards the right side and pick a system in frame. This will move the map slightly to the right. Select the systems like Kryx or Ixyll as they are nearer.

In this next frame, you’ll see Serpentis. Look directly above it. This is the Charybdis system in Starfield. Hover over it to confirm its name.

Now that you have the location, you’ll notice that the location is quite far ahead. That means you’ll need to have several jumps before reaching the system. Certain bugs or limits can hinder the ability to reach the system.

Start from Denebola and jump to the Zosma System first, as it has a straight path leading to the Charybdis system. Then, search for the Serpentis in Starfield and look around it in a tight circle. Once found, continue until you reach the Charybdis system and jump to it.

What if you can’t jump to the Charybdis System?

If you somehow can’t access the planet or Jump to it, there might be some problems you need to solve first. The basic rule is to ensure you have a spaceship suitable for traveling to faraway spaces. Any mediocre spaceship with okay stats will do. Lower its weight so you can afford long jumps.

Go to a system that isn’t red, which means you’ve already visited here. Wait a bit and then jump to the Charybdis System. Also, sometimes your jump can be blocked, which can be solved by having a quest connected to the Charybdis System in Starfield. This will allow you to jump.

There is a possibility that the bug will still hinder your attempts, so there is no definite way of going through this.

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