How To Use Captain’s Locker In Starfield

The Captain Locker in Starfield is a storage for storing items you don't need during space exploration.

The Captain’s Locker in Starfield is a personal storage space with a capacity of 40 mass units where players can store any items they want to keep off their Inventory. This storage space is very helpful, significantly, when you have not upgraded your ship’s cargo hold.

While exploring the vast planets in Starfield, players find many things they wish to keep. As the game progresses, these items keep on increasing. Keeping these all in your Inventory is impossible as it will lead to problems like Slow Walking.

Players need a separate locker space in Starfield to keep all their collected items for future use. For this reason, players are provided with the Ship Cargo and the Captain’s Locker on their ship. Let’s look into the location of the Captain’s Locker.

Captain’s Locker location in Starfield

The Captain’s Locker is located on your ship, and making your way to it is easy. You have to head towards the cockpit and opposite the Cargo Hold. Look to your right at the ground, and you will see a locker under the screen in Starfield.

How to use the Captain’s Locker

After you have located the Captain’s Locker, you should know how to use it. You can use this to put or take out items. Transferring items into the locker is a simple process.

You only need to get near it, and a prompt with the Transfer option will appear. Select it and then go for the Inventory option. Now, you need to select the item category you want to store in the locker in Starfield.

Selecting the category will bring the list of items on the screen, and then you can choose the items and press Store. This will put them in the Captain’s Locker in Starfield. You can remove the stored item at any time by getting close to the locker and selecting the Take option.

You can use the Captain’s locker, like the ship’s Cargo Hold, for storage. However, it should be kept in mind that you cannot sell items from the Captain’s Locker directly to vendors.  

It is also noteworthy that the Captain’s Locker is not a shielded cargo, so players should avoid storing Contraband in this storage space. If anyone chooses to do so, their illegal items can get caught during orbital inspections of the ship, resulting in penalties in Starfield.  

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