Starfield Captain Myeong Encounter Guide

In Starfield, you save Captain Myeong during the Groundpounder quest. Later, you can encounter her randomly where she thanks you.

Random encounters are a fun little part of Starfield’s Universe. You can find bizarre and unexpected moments anywhere at any time. However, they do not happen quite as frequently so your gameplay does not get affected. One of such encounters is with Captain Myeong in Starfield.

We will discuss the encounter in detail, how you can trigger it, and what rewards to expect. 

How to get Captain Myeong encounter in Starfield

This encounter is expected after completing the Groundpounder quest in Starfield. Obtaining this quest is also no easy feat, but once you do, you will have guaranteed fun playing it out. Among the tasks you need to accomplish will be to save Captain Myeong. Once you do, the quest proceeds normally.

The encounter happens after when you are cruising through space. A vessel named the UC Navy Nebula will approach you. The ship will be wary of you at first, but the captain recognizes you eventually. This is Captain Myeong, who will thank you for saving her.

Starfield Captain Myeong’s encounter rewards: 

Captain Myeong will give you a weapon as a token of gratitude for saving her and her team. This reward is presented to you as your transmissions near their end. 

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