How To Fix Starfield Building Shaders Issue

While trying to play Starfield, some players encounter a Building Shaders issue that prevents the game from starting. If you are facing this issue, I have some solutions for you.

Starfield presents thousands of planets in space, each with impressive graphics. The spectacular graphics of the game are mainly due to the 7308 shaders. These shaders are loaded before starting the Starfield, but this has presented some players with a Building Shaders bug.

Many players report this bug in which the game stops on the startup while building shaders. This error mainly occurs on PCs, and Bethesda has not yet released a patch or an official fix. However, there are a few ways that can fix the Building Shaders issue in Starfield, which I will explain.

Starfield Building Shaders Error solutions

Usually, it takes less than 15 minutes for your graphics card to work through the shaders and load them. If it takes longer than that, it means you are experiencing the building shaders error.


The simplest way to fix the building shaders issue is restarting the game and PC. If your game is stuck on the building shaders screen, you must quit it (you can use Task Manager if it does not exit normally). Relaunch it a few times, and see if the issue is fixed by getting to the menu screen. If this does not work, restart your PC and Starfield.

Scanning and Fixing

Another way to fix the building shaders issue is to check the integrity of your files. You can do this for Steam clients by selecting Starfield in your game library on the Steam app and then selecting the Properties option. Choose the Local Files tab, where you will find the Verify Integrity of Game Files option, and click on it.
For Xbox, select Starfield in the Xbox Game Pass App and click on the near the Play Button. Now, you will see a menu where you can select the Manage option and then go to the Files tab. This is where you can find and click on the Verify and Repair option to scan and fix the files.


A fix that has worked for a few players is uninstalling and then reinstalling Starfield altogether. This is your last solution if others are not working for you.


Updating drivers

To fix the building shaders error, you must ensure that the Graphics Processing Units installed on your device are up to date. Nvidia users can go to the Nvidia Drivers Page, and ATI Radeon users can go to the Support Page to install the latest version of the drivers available for their card.

Deleting Cache

You can also fix the building shaders problem by forcing Starfield to recompile shaders after deleting the cache.

To do this, Nvidia users can navigate to the directory “%LOCALAPPDATA%\NVIDIA\DXCache” while AMD users can navigate to the directory “%LOCALAPPDATA%\AMD\DxCache” and then go to “DxCache.” Delete all files present there and then proceed to the “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Starfield\” where you must also get rid of the Pipeline Cache.

This will delete all the cache, and your shaders in Starfield will be recompiled. These are all the fixes I currently have for the building shaders issue, and if none works for you, it is better to wait for an official patch from Bethesda and keep your game updated.

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