How To Build The Pelican Spaceship In Starfield

If you like the UNSC Pelican Spaceship and want to get the same one in Starfield, then you can follow this guide.

One of the best aspects of Starfield is that you get to build your own Spaceship, which opens you to a world of new ideas, including the Pelican Spaceship. This particular spaceship idea is taken from Halo and is also the infamous ship used by Master Chief. If you are a fan of that game, you can re-create the UNSC Pelican here in Starfield.

If you want to create this unique spaceship, I will discuss how you can build the Pelican Spaceship in Starfield.

How to build Halo Pelican in Starfield

Since Starfield allows you to design your spaceships, you will have many options to create. This will include massive spaceships that can fulfill the purpose of hauling heavy cargo and provide durability.

Similarly, you can also opt to create smaller ships that are faster and more easily maneuverable. The Halo Pelican can be integrated into these ideas, and with the right parts, you can easily design this particular ship.

All Ship Parts for Halo Pelican

A big part of creating the UNSC Pelican in Starfield will be related to gathering all the necessary parts. These parts won’t be cheap, and you must spend time completing missions to earn credit to buy them.

After you purchase most of these parts, you can join them to build the Halo Pelican Spaceship in Starfield. Below, we have listed all the required parts you can find and their respective prices.

Ship Parts (Pelican)Price
DS10.1 Phobos Cockpit3272
Deimos All-In-One Berth 3×1 (x2)1317
Deimos Companionway 1×1892
Nova Cowling 2L-PF850
Nova Cowling 2L-SF850
Deimos Breaking Engine (x2)531
Nova Wing- Stdb425
Nova Wing- Port425
Deimos Bumper-Port Aft425
Deimos Bumper- Stbd Aft(x4)425
Deimos Bumper- Aft (x4)425
Deimos Tail A (x2)637
134MM Toroidal Reactor14875
R-1000 Alpha Grav Drive5227
White Dwarf 2030 Engine6417
220CB Landing Gear-Port (x2)552
Marduk 1020-A Shield Generator7990
Deimos Spine A -Fore (x2)425
Deimos Cowling- Fore425
Deimos Cowling- Aft425
100DP Slim Docker- Top1487
Deimos Spine A- Fore425
Deimos Spine A- Aft425
Deimos Bumper- Port Fore (x4)425
Deimos Bumper- Stbd Fore (x4)425
Deimos Belly – Fore425
320CB Landing Gear (x2)722
120LD Landing Bay722
M20 Ulysses He3 Tank1402

Modifying the Halo Pelican colors in Starfield

After you assemble all the parts in the right places, you can move on to modify the Pelican colors. You can select each part individually and then scroll to the Ship Builder section in Starfield. You will see three options here, i.e., Color 1, Color 2, and Color 3.

Below each of these, you will have four options: Hue, Saturation, Brightness, and Recent. Go to the Color 2 option and select the first army green block in Recent while keeping the changes on the three.

You can change the color to your liking, but stick with the options above to build a copy of the Halo Pelican Spaceship in Starfield. Once you have graded every part of this ship with this same color setting, you can proceed to save this setting. Then, you can take your Halo Pelican Ship into space and continue your missions in Starfield.

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