Starfield Among The Stars Walkthrough

If you are planning to start a new game plus playthrough in Starfield, your starting point is going to be Among the Stars

Among the Stars is the first mission that you will encounter after you begin your game in New Game Plus in Starfield.

The New Game Plus is a mode present in Starfield that allows you to replay the game while keeping all of your skills, powers, and levels intact while discarding your gear and ships.

The mission itself is revealing your true self to the members of the Constellation and continuing your Space Adventures as you did in your first playthrough.

How to unlock the Among the Stars mission

Among the Stars can only be unlocked after you’ve chosen to join Unity in the last mission of Starfield known as the ‘One Giant Leap’. This is the first mission that you will be able to play in New Game Plus by speaking with Sarah in the Lodge.

The dialogues for Sarah will be a bit different compared to the first playthrough as the members of the Lodge feel as if they’ve seen you before.

Speak with her and choose the second option to, ‘Skip Main Quest’. If you decide to take up the main quest, you’ll be replaying the One Small Leap mission again.


How to complete Among the Stars in Starfield

The first step to completing the Among the Stars mission in Starfield is to speak with Sarah and tell her who you truly are. After the talk, she will send you over to the Eye where you must speak with Vladimir to find the locations of the Temples and artifacts.

The game plays out how it usually did in your first playthrough, however, when you visit Vladimir to investigate other planets to find the artifacts, you’ll be given a different location each time.

This is happening because you’re in a parallel universe where the locations will be a bit different from the previous playthrough.

You can also explore the planets pinged on your maps and replay the mission,’ Restarting Powers from Beyond’ to uncover and collect powers you weren’t able to obtain in your first playthrough while still keeping all of your stats intact from the previous playthrough.

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