How To Access Dev Room In Starfield

To access the Dev Room in Starfield, you need to enter some Console Commands, but do you know what exactly these commands are and what you will find inside?

The Dev room in Starfield is unique as it contains some interesting items that are not accessible in the main game storyline. However, there is no way to enter the Developer room except the console command. You can easily activate cheat codes in Starfield with the help of the console integrated inside the game.

To access it, press the ~ key located left to 1 key. Doing so will prompt the console you can use to enable cheat codes to get you what you want, provided you know the cheat codes. Just enter the code and press enter. This will then successfully get you what you intended.

How to enter the Dev Room in Starfield

To enter the Dev Room, you must enter the “coc qasmoke” command. Doing so will fade you from where you were occupied and take you to the specified secret Developer Room in Starfield.

The room will have exciting items ranging from collectibles to monumental items. Furthermore, it can feature some weird, out-of-the-box things and some basic things you interact with daily. I will go over those later in the guide, so keep up with me.

However, be advised that using Cheat codes has some repercussions, that includes the active disablement of your achievements. Furthermore, using cheat codes can affect your gameplay and may lead to abnormalities that affect your Starfield gameplay experience.

How to leave the Dev Room

Once you enter the Developer room in Starfield, you cannot get out as there is no option to fast travel there. This can prove to be annoying, but there is a workaround that follows you entering another code inside the console prompt.


Upon entering ‘coc CityNewAtlantisLodgeInt,’ it takes you back to the lodge. This is a tedious way to eliminate the dev room constraint, but it works either way.

What is inside the Starfield Developer Room

The dev room that spawns after you enter coc qasmoke in the console will take you to a gray blended area with four endpoints with a crate from which you can acquire some interesting weapons named Modified Refined Eon and a Modified Equinox. These weapons are unique due to some of their statistics.

Furthermore, you will find a baggy object in the middle of the room that is not accessible or interactive at all. If you navigate the four endpoints, you will find Test animated Particle Burst. This is not something of interest as it offers plain interaction.

Another Starfield developer room can be accessed by typing ‘coc vincenttestcell.’

The room features vibrant, usual, and ordinary items, mainly with a wall having portraits of multiple humans that may be known. It also has some everyday collectible items like plates.

There’s not much when it comes to containing numerous valuable items inside these dev rooms in Starfield. Still, these rooms are worth visiting due to their exotic nature.

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