Stardew Valley Trash Bear Guide

Learn how to interact and make use of the newly added Trash Bear in Stardew Valley as it serves its purpose, cleaing out the trash

Trash Bear is one of the latest additions that has come with Stardew Valley’s update 1.4. This NPC serves one main function and that is to keep the valley clean by cleaning up trash. This Stardew Valley Trash Bear guide covers all you need to know about Trash Bear and how to use him.

Stardew Valley Trash Bear

Note: before Trash Bear appears in your world you need to reach Year 3+.

You need to have reached Year 3 in order to find this NPC. Head to the Cindersnap Forest and proceed south-east.

Once you get to the area in the forest that has the sewer entrance situated there, you will come across the Trash Bear sleeping by the entrance.

Interact with him and he will immediately make it clear what he is here for.

The Trash Bear’s Purpose
Interact with Trash Bear and a thought bubble will pop above his head. This will show you a specific item that the NPC wants you to find and bring to him. These items are things you can find nearby such as acorns, fish, etc.

Make four trips through your surrounding area to bring him different items that he asks for and it will trigger a cutscene.

In this, Trash Bear will begin to play his flute and the trash all over the beach will being to vanish He will then pull a Mary Poppins and fly off with the use of his umbrella.

He will head to town and provide Dusty’s dog house with some serious upgrades.

Once this is done, he will depart Stardew Valley.