Stardew Valley Stardrop Fruits Locations Guide

If you are looking to increase your energy using Stardrop fruits in Stardew Valley, we have the locations for you.

Stardew Valley Stardrop Fruits locations guide to help you increase your maximum energy. Stardrop Fruit in Stardew Valley is a mysterious fruit that essentially empowers anyone who eats it. The official description of Stardrop Fruit reads:

A mysterious fruit that empowers those who eat it. The flavor is like a dream… a powerful personal experience, yet difficult to describe to others.

Stardew Valley Stardrop Fruits Locations

The Stardrop Fruit increases your maximum energy by 34 points. This guide basically details all the known ways of finding Stardrop Fruits in the game:

Stardrop Fruit #1
How to Get: You simply need to reach 100th floor in the mines and get one inside a treasure chest.

Stardrop Fruit #2
How to Get: There is a merchant named Krobus in the Sewer who will get you one for 20,000. But in order to acquire the key to Sewer, you will need to donate 60 artifacts to the museum.

Stardrop Fruit #3
How to Get: If you catch one of every different kind of fish in the game, you will acquire one from Willy. You can read out our Stardew Valley Fishing Guide for more information!

Stardrop Fruit #4
How to Get: You will acquire one if you find every book and item for completing the Museum Collection.


Stardrop Fruit #5
How to Get: If you somehow acquire 2,000 Tokens by fishing, mini-games, or through merchant; you can simply buy one from the merchant at the Stardew Valley Fair.

Stardrop Fruit #6
How to Get: If you get married, get your better-half to 13/12 Hearts, and speak with him or her in your home; you will get one.

Stardrop Fruit #7
How to Get: Firstly, you need to purchase a Rare Seed for 1,000 from a rare merchant on the northeast edge of Wizard Tower and plant it during Fall. After acquiring Sweet Gem Berry from the seed, head to Secret Woods and cut the wood using a steel axe. Once done, donate the berry to the statue in the Secret Woods and get the fruit.

Stardrop Fruit #8
How to Get: You need to present your spouse with a gift on their birthday and speak with them in your home to get one.

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