Stardew Valley Journey of the Prairie King Mini-Game Guide

Journey of the Prairie King is a mini game within Stardew Valley. The arcade is available inside Gus’s Saloon and is incredibly hard.

Stardew Valley Journey of the Prairie King essentially revolves around completing areas and stages by eliminating enemies and bosses. With the exception of the first stage, each stage in the game is divided into 3 areas and a boss battle.

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Stardew Valley Journey of the Prairie King Walkthrough

When it comes to controls of the game, you can refer to controls section in the game for more information! This guide details everything you need to know about Journey of the Prairie King in Stardew Valley and how to beat it:

Understanding Items

You will stumble upon different items throughout the course of the game. Each of the items has a unique function that lasts for a short while. Acquiring an item automatically negates the active function of a previous item. The items include:

  • Coin: Adds one coin to your coin total
  • 5 Coins: Adds whopping 5 coins to your total
  • Coffee: Temporarily speeds up your character
  • Shotgun: Gives your character 3-way shot
  • Ammo Sash: Gives your character rapid-fire
  • Wagon Wheel: Gives your character multi-directional spreadshot
  • Sheriff’s Star: Gives your character rapid-fire, 3-way spreadshot, and a speed boost
  • Ninja-Box: Makes your character invisible to enemies; confusing them for a short while
  • Power Tablet: Turns you into a powerful undead that will kill enemies
  • Skull-Nuke: Kills all enemies in the area
  • 1-Up: Gives you another life

Journey of the Prairie King Walkthrough

Stage #1; Area #1
In this area, you will encounter the Desert Lizardman. You simply need to avoid corners, have open space all across you, avoid stepping in spawns, and use power-tablet as an escape tool.

Stage #1; Area #2
Once again, you need to stick in the middle of the area. There is no need to head towards the barricades unless there is something worthwhile. Once done, purchase everything you can from the merchant and head to the next area.

Stage #1; Area #3
In the area, you will encounter the Lizardman Spikehead. These enemies are harder to eliminate, but do not follow you around. Furthermore, barricades move in front of spawn areas which sometimes prove to be a hassle.

Stage #1; Area #4
In this area, you need to stay inside the barricaded area as much as possible. With this, try to eliminate enemies trying to get in the area and use the Happy Gopher to distract and eliminate enemies.

You will also encounter the Lizard Demon in the area who is quite strong, but really sluggish. Once done, try and buy the Gun Upgrade and Ammo Upgrade.

Stage #1 Boss Battle
You need to learn the movement pattern of the boss to complete the boss fight. After running right/left and shooting, the boss will always come to a halt.

You basically need to continue running and shooting while constantly avoiding boss’s bullets to complete the run. Do note that peeking from a corner and upgrades can render the fight even easier.

Stage #2; Area #1
It is important that you have Ammo Upgrade to pass the area. The reason for this is to eliminate the Rush-Room and the Poison Moths that die hard otherwise. The area is identical to Stage #1; Area #2 so you should not face any problems.

Stage #2; Area #2
There are no new enemies encountered in the area, just stick to the strategies mentioned earlier and you should be fine. You can also use trees to hinder enemy movement and find some breathing room.

Stage #2; Area #3
Once again, you need to stick in the middle of the area and head up/down the bridges as necessary. The Demon Lizards and the Rush-Rooms do not cause any trouble, but the Poison Moths do.

However, with the Happy Gopher available, it should carry some heat off you and get you some breathing room. You must try and buy the Ammo Upgrade from the merchant.

Stage #2 Boss Battle
For this boss battle, you need to have the Ammo Upgrade. Other than this, the entire battle is pretty similar to the Desert Cowboy fight. Just stick to the strategies that you used to defeat the Desert Cowboy and you will do fine.

Stage #3; Area #1
For this stage, you need to avoid running between the tombstones and must have Ammo Upgrade as enemies featured in this stage are insanely hard.

In addition to this, do not be shy when it comes to using items! Once the area has been completed, grab the Ammo Upgrade or boots before proceeding ahead.

Stage #3; Area #2
Since all tombstones are concentrated in the middle of the area, you need to stick to the corners. Once again, you need to utilize all the items that you come across and stick to corners to proceed ahead alive.

Stage #3; Area #3
This is hands-down the hardest area in the mini-game to complete! You need to make sure to utilize everything at your disposal – including items and extra lives – and hope to get through this.

If you managed to do so, grab anything you need from the merchant and get ready to face the final boss.

Stage #3 Boss Battle
One of the first things to note here is that items such as Ammo Sash and Sheriff’s Star will help you a ton during this boss fight.

The idea behind completing the boss battle is to learn about his moves and positioning. You basically need to stick to corners and avoid taking any unnecessary damage.

However, as soon as you see the boss head to the center of the area, go in to land a couple of shots, and retreat.

About half way through the battle, the boss will call upon almost all the basic enemies from the very first stage to the third. During this time, focus your attention on these enemies as the boss will not fire much.

Once you are done with minions, head in to dish out some damage to the boss and complete the fight.

Lastly, do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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