Stardew Valley Best Mods Guide

Learn how to make the best of our Stardew Valley 1.4 experience with this list of recommended mods we have compiled for you

If you are not a mods player you need to try the mods for Stardew Valley, and if you are a mods player you know already how great it is and it is almost impossible to go back to the normal version. Here we have a list of some Stardew Valley Recommended mods and how you can add them in your game.

Stardew Valley Best Mods

Keep in mind that for all the mods you first need SMAPI to be installed. Install SMAPI Here. After that unzip the mod folder in Stardew Valley/Mods and then run the game using SMAPI. Then you can install any mod with the configuration I will show you here.

Stardew Valley Expanded
This is a must-have mod and we recommend you to install this before any other mod as this is required by many other mods as well and make sure to install the optional Immersion Farm 2 remastered.

This is a free expansion for Stardew Valley and it will add 21 new locations, 100 new characters, events, 4 new NPCs, new village, 600 location messages, reimagined maps and festivals.

You can see how big of this expansion is as it will give a new world map with a remastered map as well and there are some small changes as well that you will notice yourself.

Fast Animations
This mod as the name implies will make all your animations faster and smoother in the game plus you can manually adjust the speed of each animation.

These are the animations that speed up:

  • breaking geodes
  • casino slots
  • drinking & eating (optionally skip confirm dialogue)
  • milking
  • shearing
  • taking the bus to/from the desert
  • title menu animations
  • fishing (disabled by default)
  • falling trees (disabled by default)
  • swinging tools/weapons (disabled by default)

Enemies Health Bar
As the name tells you, this mod will let you see enemies’ health bar when playing Stardew Valley. There will be a bar displayed that will let you know enemies’ current health status and their life count.

Keep in mind the indicator will only display the health of enemies depending upon your combat level.

What you are missing
This mod simply tells you the missing items from the specific day or season and will also tell you the missing items in your community center that is available.

And will also tell you the missing recipes, ingredients and stats. Basically it tells you all the missing data that you may need to perform to your maximum, like it will also tell you if there is enough time to grow crops or if you have get greenhouse unlocked beforehand.

Movement Speed
It uses a flat multiplier to change the movement speed of the player and it stacks properly with other speed modifiers as well. It will reduce the time of hoe and watering can.

Babies Take After Spouse
It just makes all the babies and toddlers in the available images of the spouses but with different clothes and hair for toddlers.

NPC map Location
As the name implies it is a simple mod that show the location of NPC and farmers in the map and as well as on the minimap. It also gives you much more accurate maps of the game.

UI info suite
It just provides helpful information of the things around you, so this mod actually help you be more aware of whats going on around you.

Automatic gates
As you see the name, all this mod do is open and closes gates automatically whenever you are closer to them.

Skip intro
Simply, this mode skips the intro logos for you and shorten the game starting time for you and will straight away take you to the load and co-op screen.

Lookup Anything
This mod will let you see the live info of anything that is under your cursor whenever you press F1. It will have much useful info for you which you won’t get otherwise in the game.

Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion
It will just add way more dialogue lines across all the characters in the game, about 2400 new lines scattered across all 33 characters who have a heart level. It also requires a content patcher.

Friends Forever
This mod will remove the friendship decay from the game and you will be friend with one NPC once and for all.

Elle’s seasonal buildings
It is a content patcher that replaces all the buildings in your farm for seasonal buildings and will give them all a new look.

Gift taste helper
It will display a helpful tooltip and will let you know the favorite gifts of the interacting NPC and will also tell you their birth date.

No fence decay
It will simply let your fences and gates last forever and will not decay over time.

Better artisan good icons
It makes jellies, pickles, juices, wines and honey icons based on the fruit, vegetable or flower that you use to make them. So it is just easy for you to differentiate among them