Stardew Valley Beginners Guide

This Stardew Valley Beginners Guide will give you important tips and tricks on how you can quickly start building up your farm in the game.

This Stardew Valley Beginners Guide will give you important tips and tricks on how you can quickly start building up your farm and continue through with the amazing storyline of Stardew Valley.

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Stardew Valley Beginners Guide

Stardew Valley has been around for a long time; but due to the game’s casual nature, and with people stuck in their homes these days, it is a perfect time to jump in on the fun that is this cute little farming simulator.

Choose your Farm Wisely
You have the choice to pick a farm that works best for you. These farms are different from one another in the sense that a Riverland farm will have ample opportunities for fishing but little land.

A standard farm, on the other hand, will have everything well balanced and works well for most players.

Managing Stamina
It is important to remember that you have a limited amount of stamina and energy. Most activities consume energy so make sure that you replenish your energy.

The best strategy is to do farm work early in the morning and then do other activities such as visiting NPCs in the town.

Remember that sleeping restores all of your energy, and starts a new day. However, if you stay up too late, your character will remain tired.

At around 2 AM, your character will simply pass out from exhaustion. Make sure that you get an adequate amount of rest so that you have a good amount of energy for all the activities.

Watch TV
The channels on the television in your house will offer valuable information to you that will assist you in your day ahead.

The Weather report will offer the forecast for the day; the fortuneteller will predict your luck that can affect the outcome of foraging, mining, and harvesting.

Farming tips will be provided by Living off the and Queen of Sauce will teach you new recipes which you can use when you upgrade your house to have a kitchen.

Build a Chest
Building a chest early is a very useful strategy for managing your inventory space can be a handful. A chest will allow you to store your important resources for later in the game.

Make sure to save a little bit of everything for donating and trading later on in the game.

Prepare before you Visit the Mines
The mines contain a plethora of useful resources that you can utilize; however, there are dangerous creatures that embrace the darkness in the mines. Bring tons of food so that you can recharge your energy and HP when you need.

You can also place a chest in the mines for storing items. Make sure you do not pass out in the mines as it may cause you to forget floors which you had visited making it quite difficult to access certain levels.

Look out for Worms
You should always keep your eyes open for small worms sticking out of the dirt. These worms indicate that the area can be dug up for obtaining specials items such as artifacts and also get the lost books for library.

This way, you have completed the lost books list of library and also fill the museum with artifacts.

You will see more of these worms when it is raining or during the lucky days.

Build a Silo
Silo is the perfect storage for the grass and hence you must built a proper Silo before cutting the grass. A Silo is pretty easy to build.

The nominal cost of 100g, 100 stone, 10 clay, and five copper bars is all there is to pay for it which is not a big price even at the start of the game.

If you don’t built a Silo, you will not be able to transform grass you cut into Hay, and hence you won’t be able to feed the animals.

Install Crab Pots at Various Locations
The Crab pots can be put into a water body, specifically an ocean, and be filled with bait in order to catch fish.

All you have to do is to put the crab pots into the water, filled with baits, and then return the next day to collect your catch.

Crab pots are not early game items as they cost 3 Iron bars to craft or 1500 gold to buy. You can have them once you have level three fishing to craft or buy items.

Besides, it will also complete for you the Crab Pot bundle in the community center which will earn you three more crab pots.

Build the Greenhouse before First Winter
Winter brings a complete fruitless season and hence it is very much mandatory to build a greenhouse before the winters start.

You might not be able to build the greenhouse once winters arrive and then you might a good inflow of gold since there are many other activities to do in the winters.

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