Rumor: Starcraft HD Remake Currently In The Works

Rumors have started to circulate that a Starcraft HD remake is in the works right now, and will be announced at Blizzcon this November. But is it true?

According to numerous reports, a Starcraft HD remake is in the works, promising new graphics and improved gameplay. The reports had come in to the Korean news website iNews24, apparently a trusted news source in the region. The announcement comes only a few months after Blizzard released the final entry in the Starcraft 2 trilogy, Legacy of the Void.

A Starcraft HD remake would take players back to the very first days of Starcraft, when Sarah Kerrigan first became the Queen of Blades, Jim Raynor was a member of the Sons of Korhal under Arcturus Mengsk, and the Protoss still possessed their ancestral homeworld of Aiur. There’s also Brood War to consider, where the United Earth Directorate invaded the Koprulu Sector and gave us the infested Russian Smirnov.

Sources from iNews24 that claim to be familiar with Blizzard have said that the HD remake is likely going to be announced at Blizzcon in November, much like Overwatch was back in 2014.

However, it’s also possible that Blizzard will reveal the remake in September at the Starcraft World Championships. That date also has precedence, as the opening cinematic to Legacy of the Void was revealed there.

However, Blizzard still has yet to confirm any release of a Starcraft HD remake. Leaks and supposed “insider” reports have been known to be wrong before, so there’s still a chance that Blizzard isn’t remaking anything and is, right now, concentrating on Overwatch, its extremely successful new IP.

All the same, a remastering of the first Starcraft would be welcome, especially for players that became fans with Starcraft 2, and were too young to have played the first three Starcraft games or really know how the series started out. The possibility of yet more Blur cutscenes is also a very welcome possibility.

Now, all Blizzard needs to do is release an HD remake of the Warcraft series, and everything will be golden.

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