StarCraft 2 Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts

StarCraft 2 hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts give fair advantage to the player by reducing the time it takes to execute an action. You can quickly execute almost every action using a hotkey or a keyboard shortcut.

StarCraft 2 hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts give fair advantage to the player by reducing the time it takes to execute an action. You can quickly execute almost every action using a hotkey or a keyboard shortcut.
Although, learning all the hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts will take time, but you can practice them during each match. Don’t use the mouse click action button. Instead, if you don’t know the keyboard shortcut for an action, hover over an action button, and check the keyboard shortcut for that action then execute the action using the keyboard shortcut.
Here are all the keyboard shortcuts available in StarCraft 2. You can use this guide for reference.

Interface Hotkeys

F10 = Menu
F11 = Chat
F12 = Help
ALT + G = Map pinger
ALT + T = Show/hide minimap terrain
ALT + F = Alliance options
CTRL + ALT + F = Show FPS
PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN = Adjust view
MOUSE WHEEL = Adjust view height
SHIFT + [any command] = Create a series of commands
SPACE = View last warning area
BACKSPACE = View base
ALT = Show / hide health points bar

Menu Hotkeys

O = Game options
P = Pause
E = Exit game
G = Resume
Q = Quit
C = Cancel

Unit Control Hotkeys

F1 = Select spare SCV / Probe / Drone
CTRL + RIGHT CLICK = Attack while moving (units must be selected)
CTRL + [number] = Group units
M = Move
S = Stop
H = Hold
P = Patrol
A = Move and attack (Also can be used as “Force attacking”, i.e. kill your own units)
G = Gather resource
C = Return resource
B = Build basic construction
V = Build advanced construction
O = Unload unit
D = Unload all units to a point

Replay Mode Hotkeys

A = Compare total mineral, gas and population cost of fightable units
D = Compare units that are being produced, constructions that are being built and technologies that are being researched
I = Compare the amount of mineral and gas gathered within one minute and the amount of workers
L = Compare lost units and their costs
M = Compare APM
R = Compare current mineral, gas and population
S = Compare the total amount of resources that are spent on technologies and units
U = Compare all units
N = Close compare window
E = Show visions of all players
F1-F8 = toggle views among player 1 to player 8
C = Show POV of current player
H = Show / hide HP bar
+/- = Increase / decrease playing speed
P = Pause / resume replay

StarCraft 2 hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts associated with specific races are as follow:


Terran Buildings Hotkeys

C = Command Center
B = Orbital Command
S = Supply Depot
R = Refinery
B = Barrack = B -> X = Tech lab and C = Reactor
E = Engineering Bay
U = Bunker
T = Turret
N = Sensory Tower (thanks to Lucky)
G = Ghost Academy
F = Factory -> X = Tech Lab and C = Reactor
A = Armory
S = Starport
C = Fusion Core

Terran Units Hotkeys

A = Marine
D = Maurder
R = Reaper
G= Ghost
E = Hellion
S = Siege Tank
T = Thor
V = Viking
D = Medivac
R = Raven
E = Banshee
B = Battle Cruiser

Terran Technology Upgrade Hotkeys

W = Weapons Upgrade
A = Armor Upgrade
H = Auto Tracking
N = Neosteel Frame
W = Yomato Canon
B = BC Energy
E = Mule
C = Scanner Sweep (thx Doctor_X)

Zerg Building Hotkeys

H = Hatachery
E = Extractor
S = Spawning Pool
V = Evolution Chamber
C = Spine Crawler
W = Spore Crawler
R = Roach Warren
B = Baneling Nest
H = Hydralisk Den
I = Infestation Pit
S = Spire
N = Nydus Network
U = Ultra Cavern

Zerg Units Hotkeys

D = Drone
V = Overlord
Z = Zergling
R = Roach
H = Hydralisk
F = Infestor
T = Mutalisk
C = Corruptor
U = Ultra
Q = Queen

Zerg Technology Upgrade Hotkeys

Hatchery Upgrades
P = Pneumtized Carapace
V = Ventral Sac
B = Burrow
L = Lair
H = Hive

Evo Chamber
M = Melee Attack
A = Missle Attack
C = Carapace

Spawning Pool
M = Metabolic Boost
A = Adrenal Gland

C = Centrifugal Hooks

Roach Warren
G = Glial Reconstitution
T = Tunneling Claws
O = Organic Carapace

Infestation Pit
P = Peristalisis
G = Pathogen Gland

Hydralisk Den
G = Grooved Spikes

A = Fly Attacks
C = Fly Carapace
G = Greater Spire

Ultra Cavern
A = Speed
C = Armor

G = Generate Creep
V = Overseer

C = Creep Tumor
V = Spawn Larva
T = Transfusion

Protoss Building Hotkeys

N = Nexus
W = Warp Gate
E = Pylon
A = Assimilator
G = Gateway
F = Forge
C = Photon Cannon
Y = Cybernetics Core
C = Twilight Council
S = Stargate
R = Roboicitic Facility
T = Templar Archives
F = Fleet Beacon
B = Robo Bay
D = Dark Shrine

Protoss Unit Hotkeys

E = Probe
Z = Zealot
E = Sentry
S = Stalker
T = High Templar
D = Dark Templar
X = Phoenix
V = Void Ray
C = Carrier
B = Observer
A = Warp Prism
I = Immortal
C = Collossus
M = MotherShip
C = Chrono Boost

Protoss Technology Upgrade Hotkeys

G = Ground Weapons
A = Ground Armour
S = Shields
G = Air Weapons
A = Air Armor
H = Hallunication
G = Warp Gates
C = Charge
B = Blink
T = Psionic Storm
K = Khaydrain Amulet
B = Gravitic Boosters
G = Gravitic Drive
E = External Thermal Lance

If you have something useful that needs to be added to the list, comment away.

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