Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Legendary Beasts Locations

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Legendary Beasts are ferocious enemies that you will encounter. The main point of making you encounter these ...

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Legendary Beasts and enemies are ferocious enemies that you will encounter. The main point of making you encounter these powerful foes is to polish the potential innate skills that you have not yet unleashed fully.

These monsters find their home in several different locations throughout the game map. Only three planets are essential points where you can expect them to stay. The other three planets do not inhibit any legendary monsters in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

We have categorized the monsters by their dwelling planets’ locations, so it will be easy to understand which beast lives in which place. Finding and defeating all these legendary beasts in Star Wars Jedi Survivor earns you the I’m a Living Legend achievement.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Legendary beasts of planet Coruscant


Location: Hangar 2046-C, Coruscant

The droid DL1T can only be encountered once your companion BD-1 has unlocked the Electro Dart ability. This ability comes in handy when opening electric doors or solving different puzzles.

Once you can, fast-travel to Hangar and climb the elevator to reach the top. Now, apply the Dart to take a shot at the battery, which will make the enemy come out in front of you. The legendary droid eagerly greets you with powerful spin attacks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Dodge the attacks while landing successful counterattacks at the droid.

Reward: A victory against DL1T grants a unique hacking ability to BD-1, allowing it to hack low-powered bots.

Frenzied Jotaz

Location: Undercity Meats

Finding this legendary beast is also possible only after the availability of Electro Dart. The enormous size and giant mouth can boggle your senses at once, but you do not have to lose your guard at any moment.

Once you reach its dwelling place, look for the green door barrier chamber. It is time to bring the beast out of the door by using the droid’s ability to lift the door.

Reward: A victory against Frenzied Jotaz gives you XP essence.

Legendary beasts of planet Koboh

Urgost, Fist of Rayvis

Location: Observatory Understructure

Finding Urgost is not much of a task, as the beast will meet you atop the mountain on the cliffside. He intends to end your life on the orders of Dagan Gera, a former Jedi who survived till the present events.

The Massiff

Location: Yurt Barracks

While pursuing the campaign, the protagonist will come across Lucrehulk Core. On the inner side, you must tread carefully until the Barracks door arrives. This door will be unlocked once you possess the Lift and Slam power.

The Massiffs were the ultimate weapons of the Imperial Military for their attacking potential and agility until the Clone Ward ended. The monster can make the fight quite challenging with its fast-paced attacks and dodging techniques. Read the movements and attack as soon as it seems vulnerable.

Reward: Successfully defeating this monster grants you XP essence


Location: Untamed Downs

There is an uninhibited mine with an old facility on the western edge of Untamed Downs. Proceed to the area to reach the last room where the modified droid in Star Wars Jedi Survivor awaits you.

Reward: XP essence will be achieved by gaining victory against the beast

Beetu Deetu

Location: Southern Reach

While you are at the said location to find this monster, it will present itself in front of you as soon as you reach the Meditation Point and try to move forward.

The Mire Terror

Location: Viscid Bog

Having reached the area through the lift, you will see a lift on the left side. Now you have to raise three stone platforms and jump to where the beast is.

Reward: As the quest for finding and killing this monster can exhaust you, you are given a better reward, i.e., the Stim container. Grab it and move forward to your next quests.


Location: Sodden Grotto

Make your way to the left from Rambler’s Reach Meditation, go up the vines, and enter the mine entrance once you discover the way through. Beware of the Rushing Grab ability of this monster. A single grab can cost Cal lose a chunk of his health bar.

Defeating Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor wins you the Shatter Perk- an ability to inflict more effective attacks in breaking enemy guard.

Jedi Survivor Jedha legendary beasts

Golden Skriton

Location: Anchorite Base

You aim to reach the Desert Ridge area where this legendary beast in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is. Head to the Mediation point while exiting, then walk toward the leftmost area.

Reward: Victory against this giant monster grants Unflinching Perk the power to absorb one hit while charging.

Sutaban Alpha

Location: Crypt of Uhrma

Sutaban in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is not a difficult enemy to spot after you reach its dwelling point. You can cross the green door barrier in your way, head to the monster, and get the task done. Be careful of its lethal claws, and throw attacks while continuously moving around.

Successfully defeating this enemy grants you the Gambler Perk. It is a two-way sword, as it earns you more XP but makes you lose the ability to restore after you respawn.

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