How To Customize Lightsaber In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor 

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you can customize your lightsaber to create a weapon of your choosing. Here is how to do it.

The lightsaber is the most iconic weapon of the Star Wars franchise. Colorful blades of plasma that can cut through pretty much anything. The lightsaber is the weapon of choice for all Jedi and Sith characters in the franchise and each of them treats their saber with utmost respect and adoration. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you can customize your lightsaber as well.

The game has many options you can choose from, such as emitter, hilt, switch, grip, and pommel. You may even change the material and paint of the materials used to make your lightsaber. And of course, the colors are changeable as well. Today, we will discuss how you can customize your lightsaber in Jedi Survivor, what types of designs are available, and what options can you choose from. 

How to customize your Lightsaber in Jedi: Survivor 

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you can completely change the lightsaber given to you from the start into something of your design.

The customization includes the components’ styles, the material of the lightsaber, the paint of the lightsaber, and the color of the blade. This can be done via a workbench.

Take note that there is a workbench on the Mantis while others are also found at various locations in the game. Simply approach them and the game will open up the lightsaber customization menu.


Components are the parts that your lightsaber is made out of. You will have the option to change the Emitter, Switch, Grip, and Pommel.

The option to choose vents is added later when you unlock the crossguard lightsaber stance. You can also mix and match your lightsaber design with other parts.

Since Cal owns a double-bladed lightsaber, one side can one design, and the other side can be customized in a different way. The following are the options you can choose from:  

  • Jaro Tapal 
  • Patience 
  • Hunter 
  • Edgehawk 
  • Diligence 
  • Serenity 
  • Assembly 
  • Justice 
  • Detachment 
  • Temperance 
  • Scrapyard 
  • Harmony 
  • Persistence 
  • Duelist 
  • Santari Khri 
  • Eno Cordova 
  • Cere Junda 

You will find each part of these components separately in the game. You can create full sets or mix and match between different options to get your desired look.  


When you have selected the components of your lightsabre, you will find another section labeled materials. This is what your lightsaber is actually constructed out of. There are materials as well as paints you can choose from in this section. These are arranged into palates with different headings.  

You can also change the accent of your lightsaber which changes smaller parts of the lightsaber. You can tweak the finish of these materials and paints giving it either a shiny look or a matte finish.

You can also change the condition of your lightsabre. The condition can be pristine, well-kept, worn, aged, or ancient. The materials are as follows. 

  • Starter Metal 
  • Starter Non-Metal 
  • Light Metal 
  • Warm Metal 
  • Two-Tone Metal 
  • Coated Metal 
  • Worn Metal 
  • Anodized Metal 
  • Imperial 
  • Bumpy Rubber 
  • Textured Rubber 
  • Soft Leather 
  • Hard Leather 
  • Wood 
  • Unique Non-Metal 


The following are the different paint options you can choose from to customize your lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

  • Coruscant Paint 
  • Kashyyyk Paint 
  • Jedi Paint 
  • Jedha Paint 
  • Rebel Paint  
  • Droid Paint 
  • Inquisitor Paint 


The last section which we will cover is the blade color. In Star Wars Jedi: survivor, you are given 9 different colors to choose from. These are as follows. 

  • Blue 
  • Green 
  • Purple 
  • Yellow 
  • Cyan 
  • Magenta 
  • Indigo 
  • Orange 
  • White 

The color of the blade can be changed as soon as you find the first workbench and these will be available from the start. Each color you choose will also produce a different noise when swung. So swing them around and see which sound and color appeals to you. 

There are also the Red and Party colors for the blade in the game, but these are unlocked in New Game Plus mode. So you’ll need to beat the game, start a new one with the progress you made, and then you’ll get these options.

How to get more Lightsaber parts 

Lightsaber parts are scattered around the map in different locations. These are found in different chests that you can open.

Some chests won’t be able to be opened when you first visit them since you’ll be missing the required upgrade or item to open them. So you’ll need to visit these locations later on in the game to open them.

Once you get a new part, you can head to the nearest workbench to customize your lightsaber in Jedi Survivor.

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