Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Zeffo Secrets and Chests Locations

Uncover all the secret locations and chests on planet Zeffo in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order as you make your way to an ancient jedi tomb

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is filled with a plethora of unique hidden collectibles. You can find these collectibles such as secrets and echoes on each of the many planets and locations that are available for you to explore. The Zeffo planet is the first one you come to after the Bogano planet, and it is filled with secrets and chests. This Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Zeffo Secrets and Chests locations guide will help you uncover all these collectibles.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Zeffo Secrets and Chests locations

Zeffo is the home to Tomb of Eilram, the first proper tomb Cal visits in his quest to uncover ancient Jedi knowledge and the planet of a mysterious race.

Abandoned Village

Chest 1
You can find this chest pretty soon after you’ve entered the village. Fight some foes and then go to the rooftops. Fight through enemies, until you reach the rooftops. You’ll find the chest by the door on the cliff side.  You get new color for the Guardian Outfit.

Chest 2
You’ll come across two Stormtroopers, standing by a pipe when exploring the rooftops. Take them out and open the chest to your right. You will acquire a Lightsaber Sleeve from it.

Chest 3
You will not be able to collect this one right away, but you can get it when you revisit Zeffo later in the game. Take out th Stormtroopers on the ground and then from a bridge to the chest by using the Force Push ability. You can open it with a scomp link to get another Lightsaber Sleeve.

Auger Pulverizers

Chest 1
This chest is by the corner of the walkway that is on the machinery parts.  Take down all the enemies and then collect a new Lightsaber Sleeve from it.

Chest 2
Stop at the first pulverizers hallway, and wait for it to retreat further back. Slow it down and then proceed down the path with haste. You will find the chest hidden there that contains a new Lightsaber Sleeve.

Chest 3
This chest is on a metal platform at the end of the Auger Pulverizers section that is just above the Jedi temple on the map. It contains a new Mantis paint job

Derelict Hangar

You will need to use Wall Run to get some of the chests here. You can also acquire a Stim Canister upgrade.

Chest 1
As soon as you land on Zeffo, exit the mantis and you will find a chest in the hangar ahead. It is hidden between a few objects on the left side. It contains the BD-1 blue leader skin.

Chest 2
From the hangar’s roof, proceed forward until you reach a drop that has a door below. Go down, unlock it and pass through. Eventually, you will come across an area where you’ll have to make a U-turn. Climb up to the small stone shelf you come to and you will find the chest that contains the Duty and Resolve lightsaber emitter.

Chest 3
This chest is inside the Hanger where you immediately land on the planet, on the other side of the village’s door. The chest against a wall within the vicinity of the other locked boxes. Open it to get a new Poncho item.

Stim Canister Upgrade
Follow the grass filled pathway that is to the right of the Mantis. Head towards the dark cave from the fork on the road. Once inside, you can find the chest containing this upgrade above and reach it with some platforming.

Turbine Facility

Turn on the lights from the left and then make your way to end of the metal bridge. You can find the chest containing new Lightsaber materials there.

Weathered Monument

Chest 1
You will encounter a trooper using a rapid-fire cannon trooper. Once you’re past him, head uphill and you will eventually come across a big rock on the right. It’s next to a pipe that leads under some canisters. The chest is just around it.

Chest 2
For this and the next chests, you will need to come back after you’ve acquired the scomp link. This droid accessory lets you plug into terminals and open locked chests.  

Go to the top of the Imperial machine and use slow to create a platform to jump on. Jump to the left and you will find this chest containing a new paint job for Mantis Mercenary.

Chest 3 
Head to the door in the Imperial Area that you opened with the Force push ability and then head left. You will find a locked door after a drop and you can open it with the BD-1. The chest inside contains Duty and Resolve 2 lightsaber switch.

Chest 4 
Head down the hill towards the tomb and proceed downslope from the grassy area to find this chest chest. Open it with the scomp link and you will get a new lightsaber sleeve.

Windswept Ruins

Chest 1
There is a small cave on the right of the room just before the tomb. It contains a chest.

Chest 2
You need to come back here once the wind tunnels are active and you can use the Force Push power to lift yourself. This chest on the upper right bridge by the entrance of the tomb. Use Force Push to launch yourself up and then grab the chest when you reach the top. It contains Osmiridum Lightsaber material.

Crash Site

Chest 1
You will need to use the wall run ability to get this chest. Head to the left island and then start proceeding upwards. You will reach this chest on the right by wall-running to it and then you will acquire the Hyper Shell Poncho material.

Chest 2
This chest is below the middle ruins on the large island. Near the cliff face is another chest containing a new BD-1 Skin as part of our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Zeffo Secrets and Chests locations guide .

Ice Caves

Chest 1 & 2
Go along the path through which you unlock all of the elevators, and reach a door by the area near the end of the caves where you meditated. Open up both chests.

Chest 3
There’s a small cave below the previous chest area. It contains another chest.

Chest 4
This chest is by the spinning blade platforms near the exit of the tomb. Jump across and then take down the stormtroopers you encounter. You will spot the chest on the right, placed on the edge of the cliff. Unlock it with BD-1’s new scomp link and you will acquire the Arcetron lightsaber material.

Tomb of Eilram Chests

Chest 1
Use the Force push ability to move the boulders down the hall, and then push the smallest one to the left outside of the area. Use it to climb up and reach the chest containing the Silvian Iron Lightsaber Material.

Chest 2
Go to the area with the raised platforms and then slide down towards the rope.  Grab it and jump to the rope on the left then use that one to head to the other platform.  You will find a chest here.

Force Essence 1
You have to solve a puzzle to get this secret. In the room with the rolling ball, you need to use wind blasts on the sides to balance it between them. Then push the ball into the socket by turning on the jets when it’s in place ball into the socket. You will then get the Force essence upgrade.

Force Essence 2
Use Force Push against the cave wall of the broken hall to find a Force essence.

Venator Wreckage

Life Essence 1
Climb the wreckage and enter the giant tube on the left. The life essence upgrade is inside with a dead trooper