Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Terrarium Seeds Locations Guide

In Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, the main storyline involves Cal fighting off against the Inquisitors and seeking to restore the Jedi Order. During your Journey through the galaxy, you will also encounter wild and unique plants. Some seeds can also be found in different places that you can use to help your fellow Greez Dritus. He loves nothing more than his Terrarium and asks you to pick up any seeds you find on your travels. Read on as we explain everything there is to know about Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Terrarium and how you can get seed for it.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Terrarium

In this guide, we will explain what the Terrarium does and how you can help Greez by finding seeds for his Terrarium in Jedi Fallen Order.

In Fallen Order, the Terrarium is not connected to the storyline and neither does it provide any advantage in gameplay. But it is more like a collectible mechanism present in the game.

Finding and planting the seeds, they will grow in the incubator. As you travel across the galaxy, the plants inside the terrarium will grow, flourishing into their fully-grown forms and making Greez a happy alien captain.

Jedi Fallen Order Terrarium Seed Locations
To get plant seeds, you’ll need to keep an eye out for BD-1 hopping off Cal’s back and looking at something while you’re exploring planets.

If he does this, he’s either found something for you to scan to learn more about the planet, or he’s found a plant for you to scan.

When he’s found a plant for you to scan, simply press down on the D-pad and let BD-1 do its thing. Then, when you are next back aboard the Mantis, walk over to the terrarium and press R3 to interact with it.

You’ll then get a closer look at the inside of the terrarium and the plants that are growing inside it. Any seeds you’ve just found will then automatically be planted, too.

We have listed the different plant seeds and the locations where you can find the seeds for the Terrarium:

Zeffo Seeds

Royal Fluzz
Location: Weathered Monument.

You will find the Royal Fluzz on the path in the weathered monument area next to the red scomp link chest.

Location: Windswept Ruins.

You cross this area on your way to the Tomb of Eliram. You will find the gillypod terrarium seed on top of the pillar in the center of the area.

There will a horned goat enemy when you are on your way to the tomb while on the way back, you will face off a stormtrooper.

Kashyyyk Terrarium seeds

Location: Imperial Refinery

When you arrive at Kashyyyk, you will need to move a giant cutter with the help of BD-1 to progress. In the room that you discover, the Bonshyyyr seed is present on the left side.

Milk Grass
Location: Gloomroot Hollow

As you move through the hollow, you will be prompted that there are no secrets here. But halfway through the hollow, there is an elevated path on the left side. The Milk Grass seed is present here.

Location: Origin Tree

As you travel deeper into the forests of Kashyyyk in search of Tarfful, you’ll will reach the foot of the Origin Tree.

Once you get here, the Mushbloom is found at the foot of the large plant on the left-hand side of the Origin Tree area.

We will update this guide as we discover more Terrarium seed locations in Jedi Fallen Order.

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