Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Ninth Sister Boss Guide

Learn how to defeat the Ninth Sister in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, one of the imperial inquisitors hunting down Cal in the game

The Ninth Sister is one of the main adversaries in Jedi Fallen Order and partner of the Second Sister. The Ninth Sister boss fight is quite a challenging one and requires patience and proper understanding of your opponent. This Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Ninth Sister Boss Guide will help you in learning all about this boss fight. There’s everything in this guide that you’ll need to know about the Ninth Sister, from her location to countering her moves. So, let’s begin!

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Ninth Sister Boss

You can find the Ninth Sister on Kashyyyk (a Wookiee home-world in Star-Wars, covered in dense forest) when you return as a part of Cal’s Story.

The Ninth Sister tries to attacks you when you’re on your trek making your way to the very top of the Origin Tree, but thanks to the Large Shyyyo Bird who arrives at the right moment and saves you from the deadly attacks caused by The Ninth Sister.

The Shyyyo Bird launches itself directly on The Ninth Sister’s Ship and manhandles it. At this point, you’re just fingertips away from the Boss fight. Upon reaching the Save Point near the top of the Origin tree, simply jump down into an area that looks like Boss Fight clearing.

Let’s starts with the Ninth Sisters’ weakness. She uses a combo of three blockable attacks that are used by her quite often. These attacks can be deflected which drops her stamina do the ground. You can take advantage of this situation by hitting her as many times possible.

Be sure not to hit her too much since she can easily deflect you and use attacks that can seriously damage you. Your strategy should be switching from offensive to defensive with the blink of an eye. This way you can strike her with your own move and counter hers.

The thing that bothers the players is her move-set and attacks. She uses two attacks that can’t be blocked: A close-range attack and a huge leap in the air and shoving her lightsaber into the ground when landing.

You can dodge the first attack by rolling backward and the second one can be avoided by rolling sideways towards her side. While she executes these moves, you have a lot of time to counter them by using your Leaping Slash skill. This skill allows you to throw a powerful blow at her that hurts really bad.

Secondly, what makes the Ninth Sister scary and dangerous apart from her face is her using force to lessen the distance between the two of you. She either uses Force Push on you or Force Pull. Neither of them causes damage, but she isn’t finished there. Following the Force Push/Pull, she uses her trio of blockable moves so be sure to learn how to counter these attacks and defend yourself at the right moment.

When 1/3 of her health is decreased, she’ll start using her double-bladed lightsaber style, which is very impactful once it hits. This new style allows her to access a new move-set of attacks. Your main aim should be avoiding her hits as much as you can by rolling. Ninth Sister has four new unblockable attacks that you must dodge by any means possible.

A close-range overhand chop: This attack is executed by her as she raises her hand and blade on top of her head.

A ground Slam: This move allows her to send a shockwave in every direction. This move can be dodged by jumping over the Shockwave.

A charge attack: This attack is executed twice in a row. She lowers her head and run towards you.

A spinning blade attack: This attack is really dangerous as she uses her blades and spins them in front of her, and you won’t even notice when she shoves the blade in your direction.

Now, let’s back up a little bit and talk about her regular attacks. She has added one more move into her arsenal, where she throws her lightsaber directly at you. She does this move when there’s a gap between you and her. Use the rolling away strategy here if possible.

These were her ordinary attacks; she also has six unblockable attacks that are used unpredictably. The good thing about these moves is that they give you a lot of time to retaliate by using your Leaping Slash skill and draining her stamina bar with ease, since she’s very much open after using these moves.

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