Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gorgara Boss Guide

Gorgara is a fierce creature that you will face on the Planet Dathomir in chapter 5 of Jedi Fallen Order. This winged demon of the canyon is easily among the deadliest creatures you will face in Jedi Fallen Order. Gorgara has a huge size which makes it very deadly and difficult boss to face. Thankfully, we have the perfect Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gorgara Boss Guide for you to win this encounter.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gorgara Boss

You will find Gorgara after you have defeated the Ninth Sister on Kashyyyk while retrieving the location of the lost temple. When you get the location and defeat the Ninth Sister you will come to Dathomir to find the key to unveil this Jedi Holocron. Cordova told you the location of the key is this temple on Dathomir.

You will progress through this temple by fighting Night Brothers, undead Night Sisters, and many giant spiders, but this is not enough. You will first see Gorgara while scaling a cliff and when you get near the top a bird will come and take out one of the Night Brothers, who are waiting for you on the top.

You need to keep moving forward towards the location marked and as you move forward you will come to this huge underground clearing and this is where the action set will take place between you and Gorgara. This is the lair of this beasty bat-like creature and it doesn’t like Cal snooping around.

Gorgara boss fight is going to be quite a slog. This is a bat-like creature and its most dangerous attack will be those wing sweeps, you will have to be very good at rolling to be able to dodge through these unblockable wing attacks. This chunky bird will have a long health bar and will take a lot of damage before it flies off to heal and come again.

So yes you have to roll through the attack, not roll away. This is the whole technique and trick of this fight, as Gorgara plants its wing(s) in the ground and attempts to swipe at you and this prompts a big recovery time for the attack and this gives you a window of attack, what you need to do at that moment is select the body part you want to hit and hit it, two hits will be enough to stumble the monster. So this is the process of the whole fight that you need to keep repeating.

Now, this is not that simple though, you can keep going and finish it but it is going to be a slow process. So in order to speed things up what you need to do is, do the above-explained attack once for left-wing and once for right-wing, this will make Gorgara go through an extra-special stumble and when it happens you can use the Force to pull it down and it will come crashing down the ground. This is your opportunity to get as many powerful hits as you can, so this is the best and the fastest way to get maximum hits on this huge creature.

When you have done a lot of damage to the monster, it will try to incorporate new moves in the fight to surprise you, First, it will fly upwards and spread its wings before howling twice in a row. You can easily dodge the howl by rolling or running parallel to the Gorgara. Then it will come down slamming on the ground which will create a shockwave like that of the Ninth Sister and the only way to dodge it is by jumping. Then it will charge towards you again twice in a row and it is fairly easy to dodge those charges as you will see them coming from a mile away.

Then this new combination of surprise will come more and more often in the fight as you go on damaging the creature, especially that charge through the cave and that slamming on the ground will become more often so keep an eye for those and dodge. Sometimes the sequence of these attacks can change and it might catch you off guard so keep your eyes open during the fight, especially during the second half.

So in a nutshell, this is a fight about you rolling and dodging on slow but powerful attacks of Gorgara and we recommend you to not try blocking its attacks and keep the momentum going by chopping away a few hits on its wings and feet. After a couple of minutes of careful fighting you will be able to force to creature to fly away.