Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Powers Unlock Guide

Learn how to unlock all the force powers for Cal to be able to explore every part of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order planets with our guide

The thing that makes a Jedi special is his Force Power and without it a Jedi is incomplete. The main question that arises is where to get these Jedi Powers from in Jedi Fallen Order? Well, in that case, you’ve come to the right place. In this Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Powers Unlock guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock three different types of Force powers, which doesn’t include the Force Slow, as that ability is already unlocked since the start of the campaign.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Powers Unlock

Force Push
Force Push is a very useful Force Power. You receive this ability after your rookie stages of the campaign. Force Push helps you in combat along with many other environmental puzzles in Jedi Fallen Order.

The question here is, how to unlock this power? In order to unlock the Force Push, you’ll have to visit Planet Zeffo and reach the Tomb of Eilram. But wait, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Between you visiting the planet Zeffo and reaching the Tomb, you’ll have to face several imperial forces that want to participate in the race that ends at the Tomb.

A simple way of reaching your destination is by the objective marker, it helps you go directly to your location. However, this planet is a gigantic place and danger surrounds you, you can encounter anyone in this place. Therefore, take slow and steady steps because reaching Force Push is not easy.

Now, as you reach the Tomb of Eilram, you’ll get a flashback where Cal is learning how to use the Force Push by his master, Jaro. Once the flashback is over, you’ll unlock the Force Push.

Force Pull
Force Pull can be obtained from Zeffo as well as from a different tomb. However, you can’t reach this tomb from the Tomb of Eilram. There’s a reason behind it! You can’t interfere in the storyline of the game; the game wants you to visit Kashyyyk and continue another story.

You’ll shortly return to Zeffo, and from there you can visit the Tomb of Miktrull. The direction to the Tomb of Miktrull is very complex as you’ll have to push through every platforming element and hordes of Stormtroopers.

There’s a Force Power called “Force Slow” that helps in such areas; areas having many large horizontal sliding doors. Continue pushing until you reach a particular platform.

Upon reaching a platform in one of the largest spaces in the Tomb, the platform is going to be demolished by an imperial ship. Due to the impact caused by the imperial ship, you’ll drop your lightsaber in a cutscene. Now they’ve made it personal!

You get another flashback where Cal is learning how to use the Force Power, but this time it’s a Force Pull. As soon as the flashback is over, the lightsaber will be Force Pulled back and this is how you unlock the Force Pull.

Double Jump
The last Force Power in Jedi Fallen Order is the Double Jump. This Power can be unlocked by moving further in the Fallen order campaign till the point where you reach a story mission.

Your task is to visit Kashyyyk and find a Wookiee freedom fighter. During your travel in the campaign, you’ll bump into a large Shyyyo Bird that saves you from the Ninth Sister.

Once you’ve reached this part in the game, you’re really close to getting the Double Jump. You get another flashback of Cal where he is learning how to Double Jump. This time the flashback comes in a very weird manner.

You’ll trigger the memory by bouncing down a line of Lung Plants. And once the flashback is over, you’ll unlock your final Force Power, the Double Jump.

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