Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 4 Ordo Eris / Meeting Tarfful Walkthrough

Escape the Ordo Eris Prison after getting Cal's equipment back in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and complete chapter 4 of the game

The start of chapter 4 in Jedi Fallen Order will be from a jail cell, where Cal will wake up. This jail cell is on Ordo Eris, a space station where Cal is imprisoned. All you need to do here is find your lost lightsaber and BD-1 and get out of there. Our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 4 Ordo Eris walkthrough will help you escape and meet Tarfful.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 4 Ordo Eris

You will see Cal waking up in a jail cell without his Lightsaber and BD-1. So to escape that cell, you need to pull up everything you can find in that cell until you find a way out of there.

After you get out, go ahead to the next room you see and there will be a bunch of plugs and spindles there that you will have to play with, just put the plugs in and you will be able to go the next area.

Next area is where BD-1 is trapped in another cell and to get it out you have to unplug the plug you find nearby and use the plug as a rope to swing across the pit ahead and after getting to the other side just pull the rope back, don’t plug it in just yet but use it again to go the higher ground from there and when you get to the upper-level terminal, out that plug in and BD-1 will be freed.

Now BD-1 will help you get out of that room and the next room you get in will again be that big plug room. This time rearrange the plugs again and this time you will be able to use the lift.

The lift will take you to another area where you will find some mobs that you will have to fight. Don’t worry you will get your lightsaber back for this part and after you clear the mob you will get a rematch with BA-GONK, this big giant robot, dispatch this robot and in the meantime, Mantis will come to your rescue.

Here Cal and Cere will talk until they are interrupted by a transmission from Mari. The transmission will be that they have found Tarfful and now they will take you to him. This is where you will go back to Kashyyyk.

Meet Tarfful on Kashyyyk
Now Mari has the location of Tarfful and you will be meeting finally. This visit to Kashyyyk in Chapter 4 is going to be a bit longer for you than the last time so get ready.

You will meet Mari and Tarfful in the Shadowlands and to get there, this time you can bypass the prison by taking the lift. This lift will get you on the roof, where you fought the battle the first time you were here.

Take the lift nearby to get down and you will meet the bounty hunters Ovoo Adnan and Flatakk there, and you will have to get through them first.

Defeat Ovoo Adnan and Flatakk
Keep calm and use your abilities carefully and this fight will not be much difficult for you, just keep an eye for their flash grenades as they can blind you and then will try to overwhelm you with the firepower they have.

After defeating the, get to the smaller door on the left of the lift and climb through the pipe to go through the overgrowth. This will get you to the first location on the map that BD-1 had pointed out and now you are in shadowlands.

Now you have to find Tarfful and for that, walk along the stump and climb the path until you hit the bridge. Pull down the bridge towards you and defeat the Mykal. Pulling the next bridge will get you to a meditation point.

Now you will have to swing through ropes, pull one rope towards you and swing, and pull the next rope while you are in the air to get to the next rope.

Here you will face some troopers, knock them down and slide down to the next area where you will face a Purge Trooper. Kill him and end the charge on the barrier to move ahead.

Next, you will have some rocket launcher troopers firing at you, you need to rush through that phase by swinging on the vines and kill a few troopers during that if you can, they will be in the huts but do keep an eye for the spider.

After you get through that area, get on the zip line next and get into the lake. Swim outside the lake and you will find a meditation point, then turn around and climb up the cliff for two chests, take the zipline of you want to get back as well. Go ahead while grabbing the Force Echo and getting through the cave.

Cave has those jaw plants that can eat you, so just run past them quickly, there are also some flowers to give you hard time so keep your eyes open.

Kill the troopers in the next area and jump down on the planks. Those planks will fail and break, throwing you down in a pit of flowers.

Run to the vines and waste no time in getting out of there to avoid taking lots of damage, there will also be some dangerous monkeys to make your life harder. You will have to defeat them and run through the area to get to the Origin Lake.

Use the meditation point near the lake and get inside the lake for a swim. When you get outside there will be some spiders to kill, after dealing with them keep going on the path mentioned in the map and use those Lung Flowers.

They basically function as springs, jump on them to get to the higher ground and at the end of those flowers make sure to spot the rope and pull it towards you before you get down again. Make the jump and you will be face to face with Tarfful.

Talk to Tarfful and he will tell you to climb the Origin Tree, he will give you a breather, it helps you breathe inside the water to help you go where you need to go.

The Origin Tree
Put the breather on and jump into the lake and go towards the mentioned unexplored area on the map, get through the underwater cave and resurface on the other side.

From here you will have some more Lung Flowers, use them and go on the top of the cliff. There you will have some more troopers fighting a ram slug, deal with all of them and then get into the round pool ahead.

This time when you resurface again, there will be poisonous flowers so move quick from the area as they will be chasing you. Get hold of the vines and climb up quickly, you can also use Jaw Plants as the platform but jump very quickly from there to avoid getting eaten by them.

At the waterfall, you will come across some stormtroopers, kill them and explore behind the waterfall to find the Force Echo and there is also a chest across the waterfall.

After that, just grab the vine and keep climbing upwards. Eventually, you will reach another water body, dive inside to get below the root. Then again keep climbing and you will come across a meditation point again, ahead will be some troopers and a hut.

You will be greeted by the Ninth Sister as she will shoot the hut and you will get sliding downwards.

From here, Ninth Sister will keep shooting at you as you slide downwards, you need to keep an eye for the obstacle while sliding down and jump when it is needed and eventually you will be saved by some creature who will crash into Ninth Sister’s ship. Again dive in the water and swim until you get to the Origin Tree.

The Climb
For the final stretch of our Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 4 Ordo Eris guide, first, use the meditation point and then head inside the cave. The cave will feel a little disoriented but you need to just keep turning right until you find those vines to hold on to and climb up, you will have to use those flowers to jump to the higher ground.

You will also face some giant creatures but you can just sneak out of their way and use Lung Flowers to jump and climb upward, you just need to keep going until a flashback hits you.

At the end of this new sequence, you will learn the Jedi flip which will make you double-jump where it is needed. This new ability will help you get out of the area and in the end you will face a monster called Shyyyo Bird.

This bird will be hurt and will leave you before you can do anything. Again you need to keep going and climb up the vine. You will see some more Lung Flowers which you will have to use, this time when you land, look behind the branches to find a chest and Force Echo.

Head back from the branches to where you came from, pull the vine to you and swing across, keep an eye as the platforms sway in this area so jump carefully, you can also use Jedi Flip to get across. Once you get back to the solid ground you will find another Meditation circle.

Use the point and go towards the Shyyyo Bird’s nest where Cal will heal the bird’s wounds and the bird will repay you by taking you to the top of the Origin Tree.

At the top will be a workbench, here if you do not have double-bladed lightsaber just yet you will get it now. But if you got the double-bladed Lightsaber earlier in the game you will get a Lightsaber Sleeve instead.

Head down and BD-1 will play another hologram from Cordova, which will tell you that he had already retrieved the Astrium from the Origin Tree so it is not there now but he will mention Kujat’s Tomb, so another Astrium will be there in Kujat’s Tomb on Dathomir.

At the end, you will have one big task at your hand. Get a ride back to the Shyyyo Bird’s nest and you will see Ninth Sister has caught up with you. Here you will face the Ninth Sister one on one.

For the Ninth Sister fight tips and tricks you can check our guide on how to defeat the Ninth Sister. After you have defeated the Ninth Sister you will get a ride back to the basin from Shyyyo Bird. From there just take the zipline and backtrack to the roof and take the lift and you will be done with Chapter 4 on Kashyyyk.