Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bounty Hunters Guide

Playing Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and want to know how to get the Scum and Villainy Trophy? To get it, you will need to eliminate three Bounty Hunters found in different locations. Upon defeating all three of them, you will receive the trophy “Scum and Villainy”. In this guide, we will help you track down and defeat all of these Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bounty Hunters.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bounty Hunters

The Bounty Hunters go by the following names:

  • Haxion Brood: Commando
  • Haxion Brood: Bounty Droid
  • Haxion Brood: Bounty Hunter

Haxion Brood: Commando
The first Jedi Fallen Order Bounty Hunter can be found in Kashyyyk whilst playing through the story. You will be able to fight him during the arena fight segment.

He is a humanoid opponent and you should be able to kill him pretty easily. Watch out for his ranged attacks, should he start to maintain a distance from you, simply pull him towards you using the Force.

Watch out for when he turns Red and tries to charge you, make sure to dodge this to avoid damage. He will use a cannon to push you to the ground when he does that avoid it, otherwise, he will hit you with a follow-up attack using his laser gun.

Haxion Brood: Bounty Droid
You can find the Droid through the Abandoned Workshop into the Hermit’s Abode. Here’s a marker on the map to help you out.

Go to this point, and you will find the droid. Be extremely careful as to not underestimate the droid. He will often rapid-fire lasers towards you, you can use the pots in the middle of the room for a little cover.

Attack relentlessly as soon as he is open to deal a massive amount of damage and he should be out in no time.

Haxion Brood: Bounty Hunter
To get to this guy, go to the Abandoned Workshop in Bogano, and make your way through the area mentioned in the map until you reach Bogdo Sinkholes, and go through the cave until you see the Bounty Hunter accompanied by one other guy.

Take out the additional guy first so as to avoid taking too much damage during the battle. Once dealt with, face the main boss. He will often be in air, during which you might not be able to hit him.

If he tries to keep too much distance, use the force to pull him towards yourself or sometimes push him into a wall to stun him. Watch out for his flame-thrower attack.

As soon as all three Bounty Hunters are defeated you will be rewarded with the Jedi Fallen Order “Scum and Villainy” trophy. Congratulations on defeating every single Bounty Hunter.

The trophy is an additional monument to show off your skill.

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