Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bogano Secrets and Chests Locations

Learn all about the hidden secrets and collectibles on Bogano, the planet with the gaping abyss, in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Bogano is the first planet players visit after completing the prologue in Jedi Fallen Order and escaping the Empire on Baracca. While initially, you have no choice whether to go to the planet or not, once you unlock the holotable on Mantis you can choose to return to Bogano whenever you want and finish your collectible hunt. In this guide, we will update you on all the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bogano Secrets and Chests Locations.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bogano Secrets and Chests locations

You can find these chests and hidden secrets such as force echoes on each of the many planets that are available for you to explore. The Bogano planet is filled with them as well, some of which you might not be able to access until you the right abilities. This guide will cover the locations of all collectibles in the different locations of Bogano.

Binog Mesa

When you land, take the path on the left by wall running and then head to Binog Mesa.  After a bit of traversing, you will find yourself in what seems to be a large amphitheater. Drop down from the left platform and then eliminate any enemies you encounter. You will then be able to open the Chest and take the Pathfinder outfit material.

Bogdo Sinkholes

Life Essence
We recommend coming back to this one later since it involves a tough fight. As soon as you arrive at this location, head right and walk along the pipe. Eventually you will come across a cave that has the life essence being guarded by the Oggdo Bogdo. Fight it off to get the secret.

Force Essence
You will need the Slow ability to get this. Head right in the Bogdo Sinkholes and proceed towards the spinning fan. You can get through it by using the Slow ability and eventually you’ll come across the Force essence.

Great Divide

Chest 1
When you arrive, aim to touch on a small landing one of the hills. You must eliminate the creatures there before they push you off. Once that’s done, turn around and you will find the chest containing the Valor and Wisdom 2 lightsaber switch.

Chest 2
Climb up the cliff surrounded by vines that is by the elevator shaft. You’ll find two chests up top. One of which requires the scomp link to access so once you’ve got them opened, you will get the Valor and Wisdom 2 lightsaber sleeve.

Chest 3 location
Take the elevator down to the bottom and you will find the chest on the right. Open it to receive the Valor and Wisdom 2 lightsaber switch.

Chest 4
Climb the mountain vines from the location of Chest 2, and you will find another Chest that you can open with the scomp link if you’ve gotten it yet. Open it up to receive the Corundum lightsaber material.

Chest 5
There is a huge chasm at the bottom of the Great Divide. You can get across it by Force pushing the bridge down. You will find a chest containing the Z’Gag Wave skin for BD. You can open the chest with the BD-1.

Abandoned Workshop

Force Essence Upgrade
You access this whole area by using Force Push to bring down the bridge at the Great Divide. You can find the Secret hidden in a big room.

Hermit’s Abode

Chest location
As soon as you arrive at this location, you will spot a ledge with a chest above you to the right.  Proceed down the path until you get to a rope that you can use to jump across to the left. . You will then reach the chest and get the Eno Cordova lightsaber emitter.

Subterranean Refuge

Chest 1
This is on a small stone shelf, next to the elevator and contains a new Lightsaber sleeve.

Stim Canister Inventory Boost
Head to Binog Mesa with your Wallrun ability and then head to the same, amphitheater-like area we previously mentioned. This time go down the hole over there and you’ll find a yellow crate containing an upgrade to the number of Stims you can carry.

Landing Pad

Stim Canister Upgrade
You will encounter a rolling ball behind a cage as soon as you arrive at this location. Head to the left side of the cage and Force push the ball on to the ramp and then into the socket. This will open the gate and then you can collect an upgrade for your Stim Canister.