Star Wars Battlefront Offline Mode: “14 AI Enemies With 5 AI Allies At Your Side,” AI Numbers Fluctuate

Star Wars Battlefront in hitting shorefronts on November 17. The game is multiplayer heavy and majority of its modes require an internet connection. However, what happens when the internet goes down? During those times, you can play the game offline in Battles Mode.

Players will join forces with AI Allies to take on bots. According to new details, offline mode has “14 AI enemies with 5 AI allies at your side,” the total number of AI will fluctuate depending on the situation of the match.

The number of AI fluctuates during the match to promote balance and exciting climaxes to the battle. For example, if a player is losing they will get more AI support to help them catch up so the number of AI is reflective of how both players are doing.The maximum you can face in solo battles are 14 AI enemies with 5 AI allies at your side.

Some may have wanted at least 20v20 battles so this is a bit disappointing. However, I don’t think Majority of fans will be buying this game for offline mode, so I don’t see this as a big deal. What about you? What do you think of how offline mode is handled in Star Wars Battlefront?

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