Star Wars Battlefront Has More Players Online on PS4 Than PC and Xbox One Combined

It looks like more players are using PlayStation 4 to play Star Wars Battlefront, then PC and Xbox One combined.

Star Wars Battlefront came out less than a week ago on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It looks like Sony’s platform is outperforming both PC and Xbox One, when it comes to current online players in Star Wars Battlefront.

Believe it or not, the number of current online players on PlayStation 4 is more than Xbox One and PC combined. At the time of this writing:

Star Wars Battlefront Online Players

  • PC: 19,889 (24h peak: 49,871)
  • Xbox One: 50,573 ( 24h peak: 110,817)
  • PlayStation 4: 98,254 (24h peak: 187,286)

There can be a couple of reasons why there are more Players on PlayStation 4, compared to Xbox One. PlayStation 4 has the larger market share right now, EA had an exclusive deal with Sony.

However, what’s surprising is that PC players aren’t looking that interested in Star Wars Battlefront. I guess PC gamers aren’t big fans of anything to come out of EA.

As for how accurate these numbers are, the source mentioned that these numbers are updated every five minutes, and are gathered directly from EA’s servers.

They are fetched every 5 minutes from EA’s servers where all players are connected to. We don’t calculate anything ourselves. These are direct numbers for every platform.

Still, these aren’t official numbers so we can’t fully trust their accuracy.

Which platform are you using to play Star Wars Battlefront? Let us know in the comments.

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