Star Wars Battlefront Best Loadouts Guide – Best Hands, Blasters

Star Wars Battlefront Best Loadouts to customize your first star card, second star card, third star card and best blaster for the loadout to match your game-style.

In Star Wars: Battlefront, your loadout consists of a Primary Blaster, a total of 3 Cards — 1x Ability Card and 2x Utility Cards — and a Trait.

Star Wars Battlefront Best Loadouts

The Ability Card basically provide you with a powerful weapon or explosive while the Utility Cards provide you with various boosts such as cooldown reduction, better accuracy, and more.

Traits, on the other hand, are boosts which provide you with in-game boosts, but reset after each death. Finally, the blasters are your Primary Weapons which you take to the battle.

Although there is a lack of content, you can always experiment with different combinations to come up with a loadout which complements your unique playstyle and the game mode you’re playing.

In this guide, I have provided some basic loadouts to help your fulfill different roles while playing a match, but like with other games, these are not set in stone.

I encourage changing different things as your see fit and come up with one which works well for you:

Loadout #1 — Spray and Pray

  • First Card: Explosive Shot
  • Second Card: Barrage
  • Third Card: Homing Shot
  • Blaster: EE-3 or DL-44

The purpose of this loadout is to accumulate as many kills as possible. Explosive Shot applies to your Primary Blaster and not only provides it with splash damage, but also increases the overall damage output.

Coming to Utility Cards, both the Barrage and Homing Shot will provide you with extra firepower to dish out some more damage. Although this solely depends upon you, but you can also select Jump Pack or something else instead of Homing Shot in order to acquire some survivability.

Lastly, coming to Primary Blaster, this again depends upon you, but it is recommended to use EE-3 or DL-44. EE-3 is a burst-fire blaster which has strong damage output and range, but it overheats fairly quickly which is why it is recommended to fire it with some gaps.

DL-44, on the other hand, is a single-fire blaster which has probably the best damage output in the entire game. Once again, learn how to maximize cooldown and you’ll do well.

Loadout #2 — Close-Combat Beast

  • First Card: Impact Grenade
  • Second Card: Scan Pulse
  • Third Card: Jump Pack
  • Blaster: DLT-19

Almost all of the things mentioned in this loadout complement each other and turn you into a close-combat beast. Impact Grenade, although not as powerful as a Thermal Detonator, works great at close range.

The best thing about this grenade is that it explodes upon impact which does not provide enemies with a response time. Scan Pulse, on the other hand, functions like U.A.V and displays all nearby enemies on your mini-map.

If you take it nice and slow, you can easily eliminate all nearby enemies without much difficulty as it also displays enemies behind cover.

The Jump Pack is more of an escape tool than an offensive tool. If you ever find yourself in a difficult position, you can deploy to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

DLT-19 is a strong overall weapon which really shines at close to medium range. The best thing about this blaster is that it unlocks fairly quickly and is really strong altogether.

Loadout #3 — Eyes Everywhere

  • First Card: Pulse Cannon
  • Second Card: Scan Pulse
  • Third Card: Jump Pack
  • Blaster: DLT-19

This loadout is identically similar to the previous one with a few changes. These changes allow you to eliminate far off targets and protect your allies in close-quarter engagements.

For this loadout, I have decided to do away with Impact Grenade and opted for the Pulse Cannon.

The Pulse Cannon is basically a Star Card which can allow you to eliminate enemies at insanely large distances. The blaster’s effective damage depends upon the charge time and is particularly useful in open surroundings.

The Jump Pack further complements the Pulse Cannon by allowing you to close in the gap between you and enemies and pick up some easy kills followed by using the Pulse Cannon. In addition to this, it can also be used as an escape tool and avoid unnecessary engagements.

The Scan Pulse reveals the location of all nearby enemies for a short duration of time and is particularly useful to avoid getting ambushed.

As for the blaster, DLT-19 is once again the popular choice here because it not only provides some quick kills at close range, but also at medium-to-long range. Provided its damage, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Loadout #4 — Getting There

  • First Card: Scout Pistol
  • Second Card: Ion Shot
  • Third Card: Thermal Detonator
  • Blaster: Any

Those of you who just started playing the game and do not know what loadout to go with; this one is perfect for you! The best thing about this loadout is that it does not require a whole lot of grinding and can be managed fairly easily.

If you have any prior experience with multiplayer shooters, you will do really well with the Scout Pistol.

It is your typical side-arm which has insane damage at close range that diminishes as you gain distance. Due to this fact, you should only bring it out during close-range engagements.

In case you like playing with vehicles, the Ion Shot will help you out in destroying enemy vehicles, shields, and droids.

However, make sure not to pick fights with human players when using Ion Shot as it decreases damage against human players by 50 percent. Furthermore, if you’re not comfortable with it, you can always go with something else such as the Jump Pack.

Thermal Detonator is a really useful tool which can eliminate hordes of enemy players within the blink of an eye. However, make sure that you time is correctly as it has a fuse time and enemies can easily avoid it.

Finally, coming to blaster, you can go with anything you prefer, but I will recommend something which will allow you to excel at close-to-medium range since you do not have to head in the middle of fights at all the times.

Loadout #5 — Engineer

  • First Card: Ion Torpedo
  • Second Card: Impact Grenade
  • Third Card: Cooling Cell
  • Blaster: DLT-19

This loadout is basically designed for players who like to stay behind and provide support to their team by destroying vehicles, shields, and droids.

For this purpose, the first thing that we have gone with is Ion Torpedo which is really powerful when it comes to destroying shields, droid, and most importantly vehicles. In addition to this, we have coupled it with Impact Grenade which, despite its small radius, is pretty useful both against enemy players and vehicles.

Another good thing about Impact Grenade is that it has no fuse time and instantly explodes upon impact with any object which is not only useful to deal some damage to vehicles, but can also be used to eliminate group of enemies in an instant.

For the third card and blaster, I have selected DLT-19 because it unlocks really early in the game and is very strong overall. I have coupled it up with Cooling Cell which essentially removes overheating from your Primary Blaster.

Make sure to activate just before heading in a fights spray on your foes.

Also do not forget to share your own Star Wars: Battlefront Loadouts with us in the comments section below!

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