Star Wars Battlefront 2 Microtransactions Coming Back, EA is Close to a Better Model

Battlefront II had its microtransactions temporarily put to rest. Well EA just confirmed, that they will be coming back in a few months time.

Electronic Arts have made it clear that they believe in the Microtransactions and if these transactions are done right there can be no problem with it. We can expect that the live services will continue for Battlefront 2.

Optional Microtransactions are a way to enhance the gaming experience and if they are properly done then there is nothing wrong with it, EA believes.

For quite sometime Battlefront 2 has been surrounded by controversies regarding Microtransactions. Electronic Art’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, has made it clear that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have optional Microtransactions as he and the company consider them a useful asset.

The CEO said that these live services which provide electronic transactions when done properly enable the users with an element of choice. That element of choice can be used to enhance the gaming experience if the user intends it.

On top of that, the CEO has also made it clear that the EA team continuously works hard with its players to deliver the best possible experience.

The Microtransactions were temporarily removed from the game because of the sentimental feedback they were getting from the gaming community.

If we look back at the last quarter of EA, the companies live services that included optional add-on content made about $787 million. So this is really a huge deal for Electronic Arts, no wonder that can’t seem to let it go.

Andrew Wilson has also shared that he really appreciates the outspoken community of Battlefront 2 and due to that, the company has been able to make some changes and come up with a new model.

Let’s hope the few changes EA has made in the live service for  Battlefront 2 are good.