Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Heroes Guide

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Heroes Guide to help you know how all the characters work alongside some tips to help you get the most out of their kit.

In this Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Heroes Guide, we will guide you on the heroes featured in Battlefront 2, their gameplay style, and some tips and tricks for using their abilities effectively during battles.

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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Heroes

There are currently 22 heroes featured in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Some of them return from the original title such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Leia as well as some of the newer ones such as Kylo Ren and Rey.

We have listed their tactics, special features, and abilities below so you can easily decide which hero best suits your gameplay in the battles in Battlefront 2.

Light Side

Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker is a lot similar to Yoda when it comes to gameplay. He can deflect attacks with his Lightsaber while dealing damage.

His ability Force Push damages and pushes enemies behind. Force Repulse ability deals damage in a 360’ angle around Luke Skywalker while the last ability Saber Rush sees Luke leaping to the enemy to strike a blow with his Lightsaber.

Yoda is the agilest of all heroes. He has healing capabilities and very fast-paced moveset. He attacks with his Lightsaber and boasts a defensive trait. You can absorb incoming attacks with this trait.

His first ability is Unleash by which Yoda can damage enemies and push them back.

The more damage you block, the more powerful this ability is. His second ability ‘Buff’ increases his and his allies’ health and it comes useful during intense battles.

His dash ability is also a fast attack and it can be used three times before it requires charging. Yoda jumps towards the enemy and strikes them with his Lightsaber while using this ability.

Han Solo
Han Solo is equipped with a DL-44 blaster pistol. He can also throw detonator charges, which can be used for ambushes and can be detonated midair.

The DL-44 also features a rapid-fire mode is great for taking out groups of enemies quickly. Shoulder Charge sees Han Solo running at enemies damaging them along the way.

You can direct it left or right and can be stopped by pressing the normal attack button.

Princess Leia Organa
Princess Leia uses a two-round burst blaster pistol, which can also be charged by pressing the zoom button for some time.

Charged shots deal more damage to the enemies than a regular round. Charged shots also feature area damage giving you a chance to kill multiple enemies at the same time.

If this overheats quickly, switch to the other weapon and all that build up will be lost immediately. She can also deploy a Squad Shield, which can be used to defend the entire team along with herself and is a great way to land some charged shots on the enemy.

Lando Calrissian
Lando uses a blaster to shoot enemies. He can throw smoke grenades, which work really well with the blaster.

Zooming in with the Sniper gives you heat vision allowing you to see the enemies even through the smoke. His Lock On ability locks automatically on an enemy and takes them out without you needing to aim or kill them.

Lando also has shock grenades which, when thrown, stun enemies for you to kill them easily using Lock On.

Chewie is also a tank and can use his shock grenade to stun enemies and then move in quickly to use his ability slam to deal damage to them.

His No Cooldown ability can make Chewie fire his weapon without the worry of letting it cool down.

Rey requires some tactical gameplay to win. She uses her Lightsaber to attack as well as for deflection. Her first ability is Dash Attack. Using it, makes Rey run at the enemy and damage them along the way.

You can also direct this attack left or right depending on the location of the enemy. You can stop her at any time by pressing the standard attack button.

Her second ability is Insights allowing Rey to see the enemies on the map even if they are not on-screen.

This comes in very handy in planning attacks and ambushes. It can be used anywhere depending on the situation. You can use it mid-air or while running as well.

Her final ability is called Deep Mind. You must remain stationary for it to work. This confuses the enemies reversing their controls at the same time. This is great for enemy heroes as well as other human players.

Finn is primarily a support hero who is meant to stay behind his team at most times. If you end up straying too far away, you might find yourself at a disadvantage.

The deadeye ability will allow you to instantly lock onto your enemies, making him really effective with a wide line of sight.

His Big Deal ability will allow Finn himself, and his allies to gain some bonus health, damage reduction, faster cooldowns for blasters, and even faster recharges for their abilities.

The final ability is the Undercover Team which can be used to sneak around and flank the enemy.

This will effectively hide his allies from the enemy, and Fin will equip a Glie-44 pistol for close-quarters combat. Nearby allies gain bonus movement speed as well.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi is a very defensive character, and if played right, you can play your opponents’ cards against them.

You can utilize his high stamina and deflection to close the distance between you and your enemies much faster.

Kenobi has a good amount of health regen, which you can amplify further by using star cards.

His defensive rush is an attack not to be trifled with; if you see him coming forward at you with this, you’re already dead.

With the Jedi-Mind trick, you can silence your enemies and prevent them from using any abilities; essentially, reducing the number of options your enemy has.

Using Force Rush, you can affect multiple enemies at once. The ability can be charged, and the longer it charges, the stronger the impact.

Anakin Skywalker
Anakin is dangerous with the amount of raw power he has. You can use his Passionate Strike ability which deals a considerable amount of damage, essentially making him a very good hero killer.

You can bring an enemy to you by using Pull Dominance, and finishing them off with style.

Heroic Might will unleash a burst of power around Anakin, taking care of multiple enemies at once; which is pretty useful for getting out of sticky situations. This ability can be charged, and the longer it is charged, the greater the Area of Effect.

With retribution, you can use the Force to choke all the enemies around you. The ability charges when your allies take damage.

This cute little droid metes out more destruction than you could ever imagine.

BB-8 can rush forward and lunge at enemies with his rolling charge and knock back any enemies upon impact along with dealing some damage.

With his resistance ability you can make enemies more vulnerable.

BB-8 can use Cable Spin to deal very high area damage and put enemies at unease.

His passive ability technical support, makes him basically count as two units while capturing points. Whereas his second passive ability, Swift Reaction will increase the cooldown speed of friendly abilities.

Heroes of the Dark Side

Darth Maul
Darth Maul is a melee fighter and uses his Lightsaber to attack the enemies. He does not have any sort of block or deflection abilities. Darth Maul has the ability to dodge incoming attacks hence he is an agile fighter.

His first ability is Furious Throw and when you use it, Darth Maul throws his Lightsaber at the enemies. This can also be used in the air.

His second ability is Choke Hold. Darth Maul chokes his enemies and throws them away when you use this ability.

His last ability is the Spin attack. Darth Maul jumps towards the enemies while spinning his Lightsaber. It works best with Choke Holds as when they are thrown away, you can spin throw them.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader is a tank by nature and can absorb a lot of damage allowing other nearby players to move in for the kills. Darth Vader can keep enemies busy while others can deal some serious damage to the enemies without taking too much damage.

You can throw your Lightsaber at the enemies horizontally to deal damage as well as choke enemy players as well. You can also choke multiple enemies at the same time.

Choking multiple enemies does not damage them but it leaves them hanging giving others a good chance to deal some damage.

His last ability is Focused Rage, which increases his damage and allows him to absorb even more damage. This is useful when you are up against many enemies and heroes at the same time.

Boba Fett
Boba Fett has a jetpack using which he can fly around dealing damage to enemies and is a good way to evade enemy heroes.

His concussion rocket reduces enemy visibility and movement while he flies around them dealing damage. Stun your enemies and use your Rocket Barrage ability to deal heavy damage to the stunned enemies.

His Scan ability reveals enemies behind walls and gives you a tactical advantage.

Emperor Palpatine
Palpatine requires some tactical consideration during battles and he is not easy to play it. You will need to practice his moves and abilities before you can use them in battles. He can also block enemy attacks.

His first ability Chain Lightning sees him firing lightning at his enemies. This moves on the ground on a wide radius chaining multiple kills at the same time.

He can also use Electrocute ability to stun enemies giving others as well you some time to deal some damage to the stunned enemies. You can use Dash movement to get behind enemies quickly.

His last ability is Dark Aura. It causes enemies to slow down around Palpatine and deals them damage as well.

Iden Versio
Iden is equipped with powerful pulse cannon, which can be used for dealing long-range damage to enemies. It features unlimited ammo but needs a charge up time before firing each shot.

Droid can also seek out and stun enemies. Her personal shield can absorb damage but it vanishes if you fire a weapon. Use melee attacks while the shield is equipped.

He is equipped with his Relby Blaster, which now works as a shotgun. If you use the scope, it will turn it into a Sniper Rifle. You can charge up shots by keeping the button hold for some time.

Using the Dioxis Gas Grenade is also effective during battles as the gas can pass through even walls.

He also has a sticky bomb ability, which can be thrown up to three at the same time. Each will have its own radius and they explode when an enemy comes close.

Using night vision will allow Bossk to see through walls and plan the next move strategically. You also get a grenade launcher here to deal some serious damage.

Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren attacks with his Crossguard Lightsaber and he can deflect attacks. His first ability is Force Pull using which he can pull enemies towards him to attack them. This works really well against ranged heroes.

His second ability is Frenzy. This is a combination of a leap towards enemy followed by a small attack by the Crossguard.

His final ability is Force Freeze. Using this ability freezes the enemies in Kylo’s line of sight. This makes them unable to move for a little time and gives you the opportunity to hit them. Use Frenzy here to make the most out of it.

Captain Phasma
With a high rate of fire, and a good defense, Phasma is the front-runner for her allies. She has a gun that becomes more accurate the longer she fires it, along with: two scope options, a heat-seeking scope, and one with a higher magnification.

Her First Order Sentry Droid is a formidable piece of machinery, that will take out any players who are unfortunate enough to fall within the detection radius.

Objectives can become a pain to take over with the droid guarding it.

Her Staff Strike is a weird ability as it will leave you extremely vulnerable. Use it only when you know you will emerge victorious.

You can use Phasma’s passive ability to give yourself some bonus health on eliminations. You can use it to gain some health from long range before stepping into the thick of it.

Captain Grievous
His large health pool and formidable health regeneration makes him a foe to be feared.

With his unrelenting advance, he can block all incoming attacks and damage enemies with his four spinning lightsabers.

He excels in taking out individual enemies but will however, fall short when taking out a larger group of enemies at once.

Using Claw Rush, you can knock down your enemies and continue to damage them when they get back up.

Count Dooku
The Count is a close-ranged hero who has great stamina and can evade attacks more frequently than other heroes. Using his duelist ability, you will be able to attack even faster with greater damage.

Using Lightning Stun, you can knock your enemies to the ground. Low-health enemies will instantly die; however, the damage does reduce as the number of affected enemies increases.

See someone making a run for it? With Dooku’s Expose Weakness ability you can stop them from sprinting and cancel any bonus health they have.

BB-9E is a support character whose passive ability Bacta Support will heal friendly units. Similar to BB-8, BB-9E’s has Technical Support which will allow him to count as two units when capturing important objectives.

BB-9E has a total of three abilities, one where he can emit a smoke screen that will blind enemies in the immediate vicinity and reveal the position of enemies using short pulses.

The Shock Spin ability will knock opponents back and overheat enemy blasters.

Charge Up will allow your friendlies to have unlimited cooling for their blasters as well as decrease the cooldown of their abilities

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