Square Enix Shoots Down Microtransactions, Defends Console Games

Square Enix has made it clear that microtransactions are not suited for console games. The monetization strategy should remain limited to mobile.

Square Enix has put some of the biggest success stories in the gaming world like Automata, Final Fantasy and the success story continues for final fantasy. Square Enix has worked on the gaming service as the future of the industry, and also supported mobile games and made success their also. The Microtransactions controversies have knocked the door of this company also.

Matsuda said that the focus in the industry is shifting towards games as service, a style where players will continuously be stuck to the single-game content. Where it appears $60 games seems to be no enough or mismatched.

EA faced a huge backlash and controversy about the Microtransactions with the release of Star Wars Battlefront 2. The players were offered acceleration on their progress can purchase the upgrades. This created a rage among the players who played and grinded for hours and hours of game content to receive loot.

This is ruining the experience of the players who want to complete the game content and unlock the game content one by one and other players can just buy their way up top. On this controversy, lawmakers called for a investigation into this practice and EA thinking of dropping the loot boxes concept.

we are hoping that this does not happen for more single player games so the toxicity around microtransactions could not be practice elsewhere that has the potential to anger the players.

Source: MCV

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