Devs Will Share More About Square Enix Avengers Game “When The Time Is Right”

Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal are working on an Avengers game and Square Enix is publishing it. However, the developers have revealed nothing about Square Enix Avengers game except for a trailer. Now, the creative director has noted that the studio will showcase the game when the time is right.

Creative Director, Shaun Escayg, took to Twitter to address the fans looking forward to the game. According to Shaun, he understands that everyone is excited for the upcoming Square Enix Avengers Game.

He noted that the Avengers game is an ambitious project for the studio and will share more about the game when the time is right.

Square Enix hasn’t confirmed the release platforms for the Avengers game. It is likely that it will launch for PS4 and Xbox One. However, reports indicate that Avengers is being developed for PlayStation 5.

This is according to a recent job listing. According to the listing, the applicant should have prior experience with “next-gen platforms”. This indicates that the Avengers game will launch on the PlayStation 5.

Previously there was a rumor making rounds on the internet suggesting that the Avengers game is a reboot of Ultimate Alliance. Turns out, that is not the case as Nintendo announced the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order for Nintendo Switch.

Not much is known about the game except for the game’s trailer. Also, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and it’s unlikely that will come to other platforms.

The MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE series returns for the first time in 10 years—with a new action RPG—exclusively on the Nintendo Switch™ system! Assemble your ultimate team of Marvel Super Heroes from a huge cast including the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men, and more!

The game rolls out in 2019 and no exact release date has been announced for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.

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