Splinter Cell Conviction Co Op Tunngle Guide

Enjoy Splinter Cell Conviction with your friends without any lag,you can use Tunngle as virtual network adapter. If you want to play its multiplayer co op.

Splinter Cell series has been undoubtedly among the best stealth based games ever. Many of you might have played the game already on PC as it’s been a while since its release.In order to enjoy this game with your friends without any lag,you can use Tunngle. If you want to play the multiplayer of this game online using Tunngle, you need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1| Update Your Game
Update your game to the latest patch i.e  1.03.You can download the patch from here.

Step 2| Tunngle Multiplayer Patch
Now you need some files to patch the game for Tunngle as the game is DRM protected. So in order to play Splinter Cell Conviction on Tunngle, you need to download Splinter Cell Conviction LAN Patch.

Step 4| Apply the Patch
After downloading the files extract these files in your hard drive and place them in the game directory of Splinter Cell Conviction.In my case it was “D:\Games\SplinterCell Conviction\src\system”. Overwrite the previous files when asked, You need to put all the files in “src/system” folder of your game directory.

Step 5| In Game Nick
Now open “Skidrow.ini” file and write any name you would like to use as your in game nick.

Step 4| Port Forwarding
Make sure that that your firewall is not blocking the game or Tunngle and your UDP 11155 port is forward.Port forwarding is essential for the host and not for the client.

Step 6| Hosting the game
Now start the game and go to LAN, If anyone has already hosted the game in Tunngle room then you will be able to see the hosted game.If not then host a LAN game and other will be able to join in.

Invite Friend System
If you want to play the game using the “Friend Invite” option then you are going to need a Ubisoft account.You can register one here and put your registered username and password in ‘Skirdow.ini” and invite your friends to join in.

This method is troublesome sometimes, I will recommend that you use the LAN method as it is much simpler.You can ask questions in the comments about any issues you are facing.

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