How To Play Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War

Ink the turf and win the battle.

Tricolor Turf War is a newly introduced 3-minute turf war mode in Splatoon 3 that is exclusively available after the first half of the Splatfest event. The new mode is the same as other Splatfest battles but with the addition of three teams competing against each other.

I have prepared this guide to help you play Tricolor Turf War and give you tips for victory.

How to join the Tricolor Turf War

To join a Tricolor Turf War, you must ensure you finish at the top in Splatfest battles. When you enter the second half of the Splatfest, you will randomly enter the Tricolor Turf war in Splatoon 3.

It is similar to the regular Turf Wars, but you will face two teams of two players in this. You can say it is a 4 Vs. 2 Vs. 2 battle.

Runner-up teams get the opportunity to select the Tricolor Turf War and get matched with the team with a tricolor battle in progress.

Tricolor Turf War rules

It is a fight between attackers and defenders in which the team at the top will become the Defender. Based on rankings, the second and third-place teams will become Attackers.


The Winning Rule is pretty simple. If you are a defending team, you must ensure you have the most Ink Points. On the other hand, if any of the two attacking teams have more Ink Points, they will win. Whoever is the leading team needs to protect the Ultra Signal at the center of the stage.

The attacker can benefit from the Ultra Signal in the center on the Defender’s side by touching it. Once touched, it will ink the stage automatically after a specific time. Up to 2 Ultra Signals can appear during a Tricolor Turf War.

The attacker’s Clout depends on winning, and the numbers of Ultra Signal secured. It means you can earn Clout even without winning battles.

Tips to win Tricolor Turf War in Splatoon 3

In a battle, your primary focus will be covering the floor with as much paint as possible. That will grant you points. Painting Walls will not give you any points, so do not bother painting them. You can use Squid Roll and Squid Surge to scale walls faster while dealing with enemies. Below, you will find more tips to win the Tricolor Turf War.

Middle ground

Rather than roaming in a corner of an arena, you should focus on bunking down in the middle, painting in all directions, and scouting the area for your rivals.

Splatting your rivals will also grant you additional points and, if you’re lucky, even allow you to invade their territory.

Sticking together

You must have synergy between your teammates to defend them from getting splatted in Tricolor Turf War. Assist them in painting the floor throughout the arena.

That coordination will quickly win your battle by assigning team members for scouting and some for painting the arena.

High ground for a better position

High Ground is essential for both painting and getting jumped on. The high ground will give you a better position for painting down the floor and a better line of sight if you expect to be attacked by your rivals.


If your team members are isolated or elsewhere while you are attacked, you can get them to flank your opponents. This will surprise them and give you an advantage in the confusion.

Choosing a strategic location after respawning

You can fly to your desired location when anyone on your team gets spotted in the Tricolor Turf War. But rather than flying straight toward your teammates, you will choose a new location to outmaneuver your opponents.

Don’t stay too close to the enemy base

Just like your team, the opponents will also have some countermeasures against your team. While roaming around the arena, avoid getting too close to the enemy base. They will hunt you down if they spot you isolated.

Use Weapon abilities

Finally, in Tricolor Turf War, you will have different weapons with their abilities that you can use. Depending on your role and playstyle, you must choose your loadout to maximize your output when playing as a team.

Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War Not Working

Queuing separately for this mode is not possible. There is a high chance that this mode is not activated and you enter a normal turf battle. This mostly happens when there aren’t enough players for the battle. When this happens, try queuing again after completing the current Splatfest battle.

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