How To Use The Tri-Stinger In Splatoon 3

The new Splatoon 3 brings loads of new features to the colorful franchise, including new weapons such as the Tri-Stinger.

It is capable of firing three quick rounds to blast enemies, while also giving you an option of doing charged shots that provide more accuracy and ink coverage. The Tri-Stinger is a fabulous weapon to have against players using shields or who are just generally trying to take cover.

The following guide will explain how to use the Tri-Stinger in Splatoon 3.

How to master the Tri-Stinger in Splatoon 3

Tri-Stinger is possibly one of the most recommended weapons in both PvP and PvE modes. It has a good range and with a broad horizontal attack added to the mix, the weapon has the ability to deal damage without the need for much precision compared to most ranged weapons.

Tri-Stinger will be most suitable for players when used for charged shots. Therefore, when attacking the target, hold the shoot button for a couple of seconds to increase the damage output while at the same time decreasing the projectile spread.

This Stringer variant possesses three attacks in its arsenal: Basic Tri-Shot, Charged Tri-Shot, and Jumping Tri-Shot. To master these maneuvers, you can head over to the main tower for practice.

When executing the Basic Tri-Shot, tap ZR to fire three quick rounds of ink in one direction. Also, when holding the ZR seconds before its release, the shots will have more precision added to them.

The Charged Tri-Shot is a fairly easy attack to perform. Simply tap and hold ZR to execute it. Once the attack is charged, release the trigger to shoot projectiles that explode in contact with the target.

Lastly, to use the Jumping Tri-Shot, simply jump when firing to turn the horizontal attacks into vertical and gain more precision to the attack that deals more damage to a single target more than any other attack in Splatoon 3.

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