Splatoon 3 Salmon Run Guide

Splatoon 3 is a multiplayer game that allows you to do missions with the help and company of your friends. This will in turn increase the fun of playing the game. Splatoon 3 has a PvE mode that allows the players to play the game with up to 4 friends. You can use this mode while doing the Salmon Run Next Wave mission in Splatoon 3.

Salmon Run is a mission where you will defeat different bosses to obtain Golden Eggs. Defeating each Salmonid boss will require a different strategy. We, therefore, have made a complete guide covering how to defeat all the bosses and finish the Salmon Run mission in Splatoon 3.

What is a salmon run in Splatoon 3

Salmon Run is one of the many missions available in Splatoon 3 that the players can play. This mission can only be played in multiplayer mode with 1 to 4 players. You will be approached by Mr. Grizz to ultimately work for his company.

Your job is to defeat all the Boss Salmonids and collect the Golden Eggs that the boss drops. Then drop the required number of eggs in the Egg Basket to complete the wave. Each boss will have three waves and you will have 100 sec to complete one wave.

The number of Golden Eggs you need to drop in the Eggs Basket will vary according to the mission’s difficulty. If you consecutively pass missions, your pay grade for the mission will also mission. Although, if you fail in the mission, Mr. Grizz will pay for the Golden Eggs collected.

The main weapon that you will use during the Salmon Run will be randomly assigned to you from a total of 11 weapons in Splatoon 3. Splat Bomb will always be your sub weapon in all the waves. You will also get two uses of a special weapon during the Salmon Run.

How to unlock salmon run

Salmon Run is a mission that you cannot play if you are under level 4. There are many ways to increase your level such as taking part in multiplayer matches. Not only that you will be rewarded points for participation but rather if you win, you will be rewarded more.

Your next task is to talk to Mr. Grizz in his shop. To get to his shop, you must head to Splatsville in the multiplayer arena. You will then need to find the shop front with an orange sign on the front.

Get inside that shop and travel to Mr. Grizz’s office downstairs which is open 24/7. As you enter, Mr. Grizz will welcome you with an option to participate in Salmon Run training. Once you complete the training, you will be able to participate in the Salmon Run with your friends.

You will be randomly assigned any one of the weapons from the list by Mr. Grizz at the start of the mission. Meaning that you don’t have to buy your weapon for Salmon Run.

When you and your friends have taken their training, you can go to the Mr. Grizz store. Then select the option from the match menu to play with your friends. You will then go into a lobby which your friends can also enter and start the Salmon Run together.

How to defeat all salmonid bosses

While doing a Salmon Run, you need to defeat a total of 11 main Salmonid Bosses. 4 of the Salmonid Bosses are newly released in Splatoon 3 while the rest 7 Salmonid Bosses are already in the Splatoon series.

You will also have to fight King Salmon Boss who will appear in the fourth round on any one day of the mission. Every Salmonid Boss is different in its way therefore you might need to fight each one with a different strategy.

We, therefore, have made a list of every Salmonid Boss in Salmon Run and how to defeat them:

Fish Stick

Fish Stick is a boss that is a pillar with a lot of small Salmonids on the top that shoots ink at you. The enemy Salmonids will shoot from the top and control every single movement of the Fish Stick.

Most of your weapons do not shoot that high in the air. Therefore, it’s best to splash the Fish Stick with your ink and swim to the top. Once on the top, you must defeat every one of the Salmonid to defeat Fish stick.

Flipper Flopper

Flipper Flopper is a boss that can through enemy ink. It also jumps out of the ink to do a belly flop by putting a ring on the ground. You can block the path for his re-entry into the ink by splashing the ink into the ring through your weapon.

Flipper Flopper will not be able to travel further once your block the ring with your ink. Then, you will easily shoot him with your weapon. That is because the armor of the Flipper Flopper will break when in contact with your ink.

Slammin’ Lid

Slammin’ Lid is a boss that looks like a giant pot with a lid on top. Just like a turtle within a shell, Slammin’ Lid will also duck behind its lid when attacked. You then must first attack him to trigger the fall into the lid.

Once the Slammin’ Lid is in its fall state, you can easily get inside its range without being attacked. Similarly, you can go on the top of the lid to break his armor and ultimately splat him.

Big Shot

Big Shot is a boss that has a cannon that shoot cannon balls to the center of the map. Once the cannon balls, it will create two waves before breaking. You can easily avoid the waves of the balls with jumps.

Big Shot is kind of a weird boss because when he sees us coming, he will run away to the sea. You must splat him before he plans his run. Once he is defeated, you can use his cannon to shoot Golden Eggs into the egg basket to save your ink.


Steelhead is a boss that has a strapped bomb on his head with a very slow foot speed. You can easily defeat Steelhead by detonating the bomb on his head before it is launched. Once the bomb is detonated, it will instantly splat the Steelhead as well as any of the Salmonids nearby.

Steel Eel

Steel Eel is the boss with a big steel eel that is controlled by a Salmonids sitting on the back. It will drop the enemy ink wherever it goes, and you must check your surrounding before it traps you. The armor of the Steel Eel is very sturdy, and our weapons will not destroy it.

The best strategy is to shoot the pilot sitting on the back of the Steel Eel by sneaking from behind. Steel Eel will only be able to chase one player at a time leaving others a chance to chase him from behind.


Scrapper is boss on a small ink boat with an engine and a lot of scrap on top as armor to protect him. Breaking the armor can be a bit difficult and will require a lot of time. Usually, Scrapper will move around to spread his ink.

Once attacked, Scrapper will heal the damage to the armor and will stop to face the attacker. You can easily attack the driver on the back of the Scrapper to splat him. Attacking the driver will break the armor making the whole process a lot easier.


Stinger is a boss that looks like a chum with a scope on his one eye that enables him to attack within 10 feet radius. It will stand on top of a tower made with pots stacked on top of one another.

Once you spot the Stinger by trailing the green laser, you can easily splat him by attacking one pot at a time. Once the pilot falls to the ground, you can defeat him with only one shot of the weapon.


Maws is a boss with the ability to travel below the ground and can locate you with the help of sonar. You can spot him with a sonar antenna sticking on top of the ground. It surfaces on the ground when it sees its prey.

When you locate the antenna surrounded by a ring from the ground. That means that the Maws are about to get out of the ground to attack you. You can use this window to drop the grenade inside the ring.

If you are not able to kill him with a grenade, you can still use any weapon to attack him before it gets to the ground.


Drizzler is the boss that can camouflage and protect itself from the surrounding within the umbrella. The difficult task is to spot him. Once spotted, you can use a missile to flip the umbrella upside down.

Flipping the Drizzler will make him vulnerable to outside attacks. Then you can easily splat him with the weapon of your choice. Drizzler can shoot missiles that burst mid-air and cover the whole area with the enemy’s ink.


Flyfish is the boss that can fly in the air with two jetpacks strapped on the back. It can shoot missile from the air that has enemy ink within them. You can only attack him when the jetpacks are not working.

Once you have spotted the Flyfish, you can throw the grenades at the jetpacks to blow them. Your aim must hit the opening of the jetpack, or the grenade will fall back to the ground. Blowing the jetpacks will instantly splat the Flyfish.

King Salmonid

King Salmonid is the boss that looks like Maws and is the king of Salmonids. There are three waves to defeat the Boss Salmonids on any day during your Salmon Run mission. The King Salmonid will only spawn once at random during the Boss Salmonids waves.

King Salmonids have a unique attack in which it launches their whole body in the air and then drop to the ground. This will create a shock wave that can be avoided by jumping. The difficult part about fighting King Salmonid is that you must fight other Boss Salmonids at the same time.

The easier way is to first splat the Boss Salmonids. Then focus on defeating King Salmonid by shooting or blasting.

Salmon Run rewards

You can earn a lot of rewards by participating and finishing the waves of the Salmon Run. Upon successfully finishing each of the waves of the Salmon Run, you will be rewarded Grizzco Points.

Defeating the King Salmonids will reward you with additional rewards on top of the usual rewards for the mission with the Fish Scales. Back in Grizzco Industries, there is a window that will exchange your Grizzco Points for the different bonuses of your choice. Players will also be rewarded Catalog points from Salmon Run.

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