How to Play with Friends Online in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 is a new game by Nintendo that you can enjoy solo or online with your Friends. The process is not that difficult, and you can enjoy it with friends in multiple ways. You can either create a room for your best friends and start a game or join your friends directly. In this guide, we tried to cover every single way you can enjoy Splatoon 3 with your friends.

How to create a room in Splatoon 3

Creating a room is the first method you can use to enjoy this game with your friends. You can group two to four players in a room and join the match with them. The process is pretty simple.

First, from the menu, select Lobby and bring up the Match Menu.

After that, choose the Battle type. You have three battle types to choose from, which are given below.

  • Private Battle
  • Regular Battle
  • Anarchy battle

Once done, you will see the Solo and With Friends option in the bottom left corner of the screen. Use the D-Pad to switch to With Friends.

Now you will be given the option to create a room. You can set a password so other players can’t enter it.

Your friend list will appear here, and once all the friends enter the room, you can select Ready to get into a match with your team.

However, even that wouldn’t guarantee that you all will be on the same team.

How to join friends match

If you don’t want to create and room and play with friends, you can join them directly. In this way, more than four friends can play together. Joining another friend is a simple process.

Just select Lobby and bring up the match Menu by pressing L. After that, just select the battle type like you do while creating the room. Now switch to With Friends Option, and a list of your friends will appear.

Select the available Friend, and you are ready to go. Just wait for the session to start, and you will find yourself in a match with your friends. You might be on different teams, but you will be sharing the same stage.

Now you might be thinking about how you will add friends to the list that only shows you the available friends but doesn’t give you the option to add one. Don’t worry; we will guide you in inviting your friends to Splatoon 3.

If you are looking to play Salmon Run with your friends in Splatoon 3, you first need to head to the Grizzco. You can fast travel there by using A once on the map. You will see a bear statue; you must run there and press A to start the Shift.

After that, the process is the same as before. You can either create a room or join your Friend’s team.

How to invite players

To invite friends first, you have to make sure that your friends. If you or your Friend is online but not visible, you will need to change the Display Switch Status setting.

To do so, head to the Switch main menu and click on your Profile Picture.

Scroll down a bit and select User Settings.

In the Friends Settings, scroll down and ensure Display Online Status is either All Friends or Best Friends.

Once done, you and your friends will be able to see the online status of each other.

Now to add friends right where you find User Settings, if you scroll further down, you will see the Add Friend option.

Here you will find all options to send the invitation to your Friend. The best one is using the Friend code, which is visible on the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can ask your Friend to share the Friend code with you, or you can share the code with your Friend to complete the invitation process.

After that, once the invitation is accepted, the player will start to appear on your Friends list and let you play Splatoon 3 online.

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