How To Defeat Big Man (Site 6 Boss) In Splatoon 3

The Hype Manta Storm a.k.a Big Man is the fourth boss you will encounter in the campaign of Splatoon 3....

The Hype Manta Storm a.k.a Big Man is the fourth boss you will encounter in the campaign of Splatoon 3. Big Man is one of the hosts of the Anarchy Splatcast, a podcast running in Splatsville, and he shows up as the fourth boss in the Return of the Mammalians event.

Big man is a shadow-type boss that will give you a headache if you have no idea how to defeat him. This guide will give information on how to unlock the Site 6 boss, Big Man, and defeat him in Splatoon 3.

How to unlock Big Man in Splatoon 3

To unlock the boss, you will have to unlock The Obscure Chiaroscurist Stage. Progress through Happiness Research Lab and you will eventually reach the stage.

Once you have unlocked the stage, your battle with Big Man will begin.

How to defeat Big Man in Splatoon 3

As said before, Big Man is a shadow-type boss that will lurk around the battle stage spreading ink.  You will shoot at his shadow to weaken it. Keep shooting at his shadows to break them as much as you can.

At some point, you will encounter a shadow using weapons to damage you instead of just inking the arena.

Focus on shooting at that shadow which will then reveal the boss and allow you to attack him. You will need to repeat the process three times to defeat the boss.

His Shadow has a small yet unique amount of patterns. Make sure to dodge the splat bombs that Big Man throws at you with random intervals.

During the fight, Big Man will bring out a canon that will hone at your location. To avoid taking damage, you will have to shoot him before he does.

When taking down Big Man’s shadows, they will explode dealing damage. Steer clear from the AOE effect to avoid taking damage.

If you gain a lot of distance from Big Man’s Shadows. His shadows will directly charge at you to deal damage. Since this attack pattern is linear, you can avoid it fairly easily.

Since the Big Man’s shadows will constantly ink the battle stage, it’s a bit useless to ink the floor. However, you will take one of the platforms to avoid his shadows charging at you and paint the floor for defense and for movements. This will help you incredibly in dealing with the shadows.

How to fight Big Man again

If you enjoyed the fight so much, that you want to fight big man again then just simply re-enter The Obscure Chiaroscurist stage. The dialogue and cutscenes will be changed up a bit though and you can always skip through them.

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