Splatoon 3 Idols Guide

Idols are not a new thing in Splatoon games. Even in the previous editions of the game, you have seen some Idols like Callie and Marie. But in Splatoon 3, the usual duo is now a trio of Frye, Shiver, and Big Man known as Deep Cut. This guide will cover all details you need to know about all three Idols in Splatoon 3.

What is the role of idols in Splatoon 3

Like previous editions of Splatoon, the Idols host a news show in Splatoon 3. The Splatville news program hosted by Idols in Splatoon 3 is called Anarchy Splatcast.

The news program will give you information about battle stage rotation and some announcements about the Splatfests. The change the news has in Splatoon 3 is they will be in the background and don’t interrupt your gameplay. The Idols will also pick a specific side to support during the Splatfests, and you will do the same.

List of idols

Now to make the Idol selection process easier, we will tell you about all three Idols in Splatoon 3, so you can choose the one you like.


Shiver is a naughty Idol with Violet Hairs. Her nickname is Shark Tamer that is because she has shark tooth earrings. Shiver dress is inspired by the traditional Japanese aesthetic that you will see in Idol dances and songs.


Frye is one of the most mess-making Idol in the Deep Cut that loves dancing and treasure hunting. The shawl she wore will also light up when Deep Cut’s music is played. She can become your favorite because of her personality.

Big Man

Big Man is a big Manta-Ray that differs from the other two Idols in Splatoon 3. He cannot speak like the other two Idols, but we will get the translation of his actions in the text boxes. He has a cute look and follows fashion like other members of Deep Cut.

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