How To Defeat Frye (Site 2 Boss) In Splatoon 3

The singleplayer campaign mode of Splatoon 3 pits players against some truly wild bosses as they travel through Alterna. The campaign mode has six sites, each with a boss of its own. The boss you will face in Site 2 is Frye. This guide will give you a proper road map for defeating the Site 2 boss, Frye, in Splatoon 3.

How to defeat Frye in Splatoon 3

The battle against Frye, in The Future Stares Back mission, will consist of three different phases. You’ll have to use different tactics during each phase so that you can defeat the Site 2 boss with ease.

Phase 1

As soon as Frye begins the battle, she’ll send out all her eels, who will mostly stare at you for a while before attacking you.

The eyes of a few of the eels are covered in a dark mask. To send these eels tumbling back into Frye, hit them.

Shoot ink at her until the second phase starts to stun Frye, after which you must climb the block.

Phase 2

You’ll need to dodge Frye’s blocks in the second part of the battle. Whenever her block comes near you, she’ll send out her eels again.

Allowing it to get too close can be dangerous. Shoot all the eels surrounding the block with ink and swim up to the block to shoot Frye.

Phase 3

It is the third phase that is the most challenging. Each eel groups together and circles the surface. As they are in a large group, it may be difficult to avoid them, but you have to avoid them.

If you have not yet used your special attack, now is the time to take advantage of it. To take out a large group of eels close to you, press L3 when they are about to swim toward you.

As soon as you’ve splattered every eel, move toward Frye, and start shooting. Once you’ve followed these instructions properly, Frye will be defeated.

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