Splatoon 3 Best Controller Sensitivity Settings

The new Splatoon 3 is finally here and if you have already jumped into the game to splatter everyone with ink, you might have felt a need to tweak your controller and sensitivity settings.

The franchise has always been about fast-paced ink-splattering mayhem. Splatoon 3 takes that action up another level. You will need to be one with the game systems, understand how to dodge roll, evade enemy attacks, be on the move at all times, and most importantly, have good aim when an enemy enters your line of sight.

All of that naturally requires the best controller settings possible in Splatoon 3, for which the following guide will help you out.

Motion controls or Stick controls?

Before configuring your controls, you need to decide which type of controls to use in the game. Splatoon 3 supports both motion and stick controls.

Most players should go with motion controls because they are much easier to use, especially for beginners. You will be able to line up your aim and trace moving targets accurately and easily.

That being said, motion controls may need some getting used to. Most Nintendo Switch games support motion controls, so regular players are going to be pretty familiar with the controls. If you are new though, you will need to spend some time getting used to the feel of moving your controller around.

Stick controls are difficult to master in comparison and are considered a handicap against motion control opponents.

How to find your best controller sensitivity in Splatoon 3

You can change your controller settings by pressing X on your controller to open the main menu. Head into the Options tab and choose the television or tablet mode to start tweaking your controller settings.

Recommended settings for Motion Controls

Do note that if you are playing Splatoon 3 with motion controls on, the game might feel a little janky as the screen will be pretty shaky. That is something you will get used to with time.

We recommend setting your Motion-Control Sensitivity to -2.5 and your general Sensitivity between 3.0 and 5.0 accordingly. These settings are particularly best for newcomers. You can always adjust your sensitivities after getting in a dozen or so hours of online gameplay.

Setting your Motion-Control Sensitivity to -1.0 will give you the best movements in Splatoon 3. However, you will need to be a real pro to be able to make use of that setting because for newcomers, playing at -1.0 will be impossible.

The slightest tug or twitch will make your character turn or move in the game if you are running high sensitivities. That will become an advantage when you are against highly skilled players. However, as already stated, you will not be able to reach that level without first investing several hours into the ranked mode.

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