How to Unlock Splatoon 3 Anarchy Battles (Ranked Mode)

Anarchy Battles in Splatoon 3 are the upgraded version of Ranked Mode from previous Splatoon games. We are here to tell you all about how to unlock Splatoon Battles in Splatoon 3. We will also be explaining the rank system and all the different game modes in Anarchy Battles.

If playing the story mode alone is too boring for you, and you are looking for a fun and exciting game mode against real players where you can put your skills to the test then Anarchy Battles are the perfect escape for you to enjoy Splatoon 3.

How to unlock anarchy battles in Splatoon 3

Anarchy Battles are Splatoon 3’s version of Ranked Mode from Splatoon 2. Anarchy Battles work pretty much in the same way as the Ranked Battles but with a few added twists.

Unlike other game modes, Anarchy Battles won’t be available as soon as you start the game but will require a bit of grinding to unlock. To unlock Anarchy Battles, you will need to be at least level 10.

You can level up simply by playing the other games mode that is available to you. Whether it is solo or multiplayer, soon enough you will be at level 10.

This system was put into place so that the ranked lobbies are not filled with all the new players which will hinder the experience for more experienced players.

If you have Splatoon 2’s ranked data saved, then you can load that up into your device. Splatoon 3 will detect that and will allow you to unlock Anarchy Battles at level 2.

How anarchy battles work

Anarchy Battles are quite similar to ranked games in the sense that you will be going up against other players in various game modes that we will discuss a little further in this guide.

In Anarchy Battles, there are two types of matchmaking possible – Open and Series. Open Anarchy Battles allow you either go solo or make a squad of maximum of 4 people.

These matches last for about 5 minutes and you will gain or lose rank points at the end of every match. You can play one match or multiple depending on your choice.

In comparison to Open type Anarchy Battles, Series Anarchy Battles are a bit on the challenging side. This is where you will be fighting to keep your rank points and gain more, depending on your performance in the battles that are yet to come.

You cannot squad in Series battle, and you will have to play solo and will be placed in a random squad of 4 people with whom you will have to play a series of 5 matches.

The team to reach 3 points first wins the series and they get rewarded rank points in bulk. The series of anarchy battles are high-risk, high-reward kind of situation. The bigger the margin you win the more reward you get.

Anarchy Battle Ranks

All the ruckus is to climb higher on the Rank Ladder. Every time you win, you will gain rank points and that will take you closer to the next rank on the rank tree.

There are a total of 62 possible ranks in Splatoon 3 all of which are mentioned below in the order of lower ranks first.

  • C-, C, C+
  • B-, B, B+
  • A-, A, A+
  • S-. S, S+0 – S+50

Every new player will start at the same level as everyone else, which is at the lowest rank, C-. From there everyone will have to make their way to the top ranks. However, if you have your data from the previous Splatoon game, then you can get a head start from Rank B-.

Once you are set to enter the next category of rank such as going from C to B, you will have to take part in a Promotional Battle. This will allow you to get into the next class of ranks.

S is the highest rank class and once you reach S+0, the digit next to S will increase every time you raise your rank all the way up to S+50.

The good thing about the rank system in Splatoon 3 is that once you raise your rank, it will not drop no matter how many times you lose in a battle. So this will give you the confidence to jump into a battle without any fear. The rank will reset after every 3 months.

Splatoon 3 ranked game modes

Much like previous Splatoon games, Splatoon 3 also features 4 game modes as part of the ranked playlist.

The game modes in Anarchy Battles are not random but they will change after every two hours according to the server time.

Clam blitz

In the Clam Blitz game mode, the goal is simple. You run around the whole map, collect as many clams as you possibly can, and then finally throw all the clams you have collected into the enemy team’s basket.

When the timer ends, the team who puts more clams in the enemy basket will win.

Splat zone

Splat Zone is the second game mode in the Splatoon 3 Anarchy Battles. What you have to do is cover as much area of the map in your team’s ink. You also have to hold it down and not let the enemy take that area away from you.

The more area you have under your control, the more chances of your team winning. You can capture a complete zone by covering 70% of its area in your ink.

Tower control

Tower Control is Splatoon 3’s version of Capture the flag with a twist. The flag is a giant moving tower that will also move once you capture it. When the game starts, a giant tower will spawn in the middle of the map.

Once either team’s player gets on top of it, it will start moving toward a set goal point in the enemy team’s territory. Once the tower is past that goal point, the game will end, and your team will win.

For the tower to keep moving you will need to reside on top of it and the movement of the tower will halt if there is no one on top of the tower.


This game mode is quite similar to the Tower Control game mode but now the tower is not there and there is a giant golden cannon that won’t move on its own. Instead, you will have to carry it into the enemy’s territory where there is a pedestal on top of which the cannon is supposed to go.

Once the cannon is set on the pedestal, the game will end. There is going to be a Shield around the cannon at the start of the game which you will need to break before picking it up.

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