Splatoon 2 To Support Voice Chat, Nintendo Confirmed

Splatoon 2 will get voice chat support feature once the game launches on Nintendo Switch, this was confirmed both as officially on a briefing and in tweets

In recent investor briefing, Nintendo officially came up with the confirmation of voice chat support for Splatoon 2. The briefing news was later followed by Japanese tweets for Splatoon regarding voice chat and matchmaking.

First, news on Splatoon 2 to support voice chat came from Nintendo’s investor meeting:

Splatoon 2 in particular will offer voice chat, a much-requested feature from our overseas fans, using smart-devices and the ability to bring eight Nintendo Switch systems together for eight-person local multiplayer. In this way, we are working to create titles and environments to invigorate the competitive gaming scene so that a wider demographic of customers can enjoy, talk about, and continue playing the Nintendo Switch.

Second, the news was followed by lots of tweets in the Japanese language. If you want to go ahead and read the official tweets, you may need to translate them first.

However, the whole focus here was pointed at the game to support voice chat based on Nintendo’s upcoming smartphone app for Nintendo Switch. The dedicated smartphone application is responsible for handling matchmaking and voice chat. Moreover, the tweets further mentioned a functionality that,  players will be able to talk to everyone in the lobby ahead of the match, and that it’ll filter chat down to just teammates once the game starts.

Nintendo previously suggested that the Nintendo Switch will in-fact support voice chat via smartphones and other smart devices. This is still confusing for many Nintendo fans out there. Let us just say you’re playing Splatoon 2. You want to use voice chat and you fire up the app and talk. Is it over speakerphone? or Headphones? Can you hear the game’s audio in your headphones? Can other users hear your game’s audio? There is a room full of questions about how the smartphone app voice chat feature will work, extend the voice support, its FAQs and more. Hopefully, Nintendo in future brings in some hardware upgrade or software support to ease up the voice chat support for its Nintendo Switch games.

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