Spiderman PS4 Will Never Come On Xbox One, Says Insomniac Games

Very recently a fan of Spiderman PS4 a asked on Twitter that when will the game be coming on Xbox One, To which the developers of the game, Insomniac games.

Just a few hours back, a fan and a Spiderman enthusiast asked the developers of the upcoming Spiderman PS4, that when will it be coming to Xbox One. To which, Insomniac games replied with one word “Never”.

So seems pretty obvious that Insomniac games do not have plans to bring the upcoming Spiderman on Xbox One.

We came to know this from a recent Tweet, a user who goes by the name “Gavin” posted a gif image of Spiderman for PlayStation 4 to which another fan of the game, who goes by the name “bdlckkd” asked the question of Spiderman for Xbox One.

Referring to the question the developers of the game replied “Never”. So that’s that, for now, Xbox users can stop dreaming about the game.

We were already aware of the fact that the game had been previously referred to as a PS4 exclusive and with this, we can now be sure.

Be that as it may, the release date for the Spiderman PS4 has also been recently teased by the Marvel’s creative director and seems like the game just might release coming spring. Although for now, we are not sure, until we hear an official news regarding the release date.

The release date for the game shall be officially announced tomorrow via Game Informer. We came to know about this from a recent Tweet made by the studio.

So while we wait for the game, we have compiled together everything we know about the game, confirmed characters, story, visual fidelity and much more. So if you want to take a look at that, it has been made available to you.

Spiderman is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, being developed by Insomniac Games and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Have you been expecting Spiderman PS4 to be considered for Xbox One? What are your thoughts on its PS4 exclusivity? Let us know in the comments below.