Spiderman PS4 Creative Director Praises Sony’s First Party Projects

Creator of Spiderman PS4 is in awe of how Sony handles in first party studios and projects. Working with Sony again has been a great experience, according to Insomniac creative Director.

Sony’s first-party projects are the best on any given day and it is rare to see a blunder or a product lacking in quality from Sony’s first party devs. In fact, they have so good that Spiderman PS4’s creative director is in awe.

Speaking in a recent interview, creative director Bryan Intihar stated that while it is exciting to work with Marvel, it was even more exciting to work with Sony again. Previously, Insomniac created the Resistance series for Sony and now they are creating Spiderman PS4 for the same company.

We’ve worked with Sony for 20 plus years, right? As excited as I was to work with Marvel, I was just as excited to be working with Sony again. I am so impressed and in awe of what their first party studios do: look at Guerrilla, what they did with Horizon Zero Dawn. Obviously, Naughty Dog is in town and we have a long friendship with them. I am a gigantic God of War fan and I think what Cory Barlog and that team at Santa Monica are doing is amazing. And look at Sucker Punch and what they’re doing with their new IP.

We are one piece of the juggernaut and I’m proud to be part of that juggernaut. For me we need to be at the quality and deliver at the level those other exclusive games have done.

The Last of Us, Uncharted, God of War, and many other first party games have allowed Sony to enjoy a very positive reputation. Hopefully, Spiderman PS4 will further solidify the fact that Sony knows how to give its first and second parties complete freedom to create great content.

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Source: The Telegraph

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