Marvel’s Spider-Man Museum Statue Puzzle Solution

Peter Park is not the only one who you will be taking control of in Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered. You will...

Peter Park is not the only one who you will be taking control of in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. You will also get to fill the shoes of his main love interest, Mary Jane Watson.

“Don’t touch the art” is one of the early main missions that is designed to introduce the stealth elements of the game. In the middle of the mission though, you will switch from Spider-Man to MJ as you walk around the museum to inspect art. You will also be prompted by the museum guide to take a few pictures.

Following that though will be your chance to sneak into a room with an ancient Chinese statue. This section of the mission has a puzzle that needs solving and the following guide will show you how.

How To Solve The Museum Statue Puzzle

The statue has movable parts that need to be moved into the right position. Before that though, you need to find the right object from the glass cabinet in the room to place in the statue’s hand.

When the statue is holding the right item and its parts are moved into the right position, the museum statue puzzle will be solved.

What you first need is to know what the statue looks like. Luckily, there is a reference image right in the same room. Find the pamphlet on the table behind the computer. The pamphlet will show you what the statue should look like and what object should be in its hand.

Taking the image as a reference, you need to move the arms, head, and mouth of the statue. Rotate the head to the left and close the mouth. Lower the left arm and raise the right arm with its palms facing outwards.

Now head towards the glass cabinet in the room and select the golden object as shown in the pamphlet. It looks like a double-headed miniature staff and is on the far right.

Once you insert the golden item into its hand, a secret compartment will open up at the bottom of the statue. There will be a file inside for you to pick up and with that the museum statue puzzle is complete.

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