Spider-Man PS4 Will Not Come To Other Platforms Ever, Insomniac Games Confirms

Spider-Man is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and Insomniac Games gave us the first look at the gameplay at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference. While gamers are excited about the game many are hoping that Spider-Man PS4 would be a timed exclusive and will come to other platforms after some time. However, it seems that those gamers will be disappointed.

Insomniac Games has confirmed that Spider-Man PS4 will not be coming to Xbox One or PC as Sony is publishing the game and it is strictly a PlayStaiton 4 exclusive and will remain that way. The studio confirmed it through its official Twitter account.

Also, the studio has revealed that the upcoming PlayStation 4 game will not be an origin story. According to PlayStation Access, the upcoming Spider-Man game will not be an origin story. According to the youtube channel, Pete Parker will be 23 years old in the game and has been fighting crime in the game for 8 years.

Insomniac Games has also confirmed that the game will feature alternate outfits for Spider-Man to wear. However, no details or hints were revealed regarding the alternate outfits.

Spider-Man PS4 is an open-world action adventure game in development at Insomniac Games exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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