Spider-Man: Miles Morales Robbers Target Local Biz Walkthrough

In this Spider-Man Miles Morales Robbers Target Local Biz guide, we'll explain how to complete the Robbers Target Local Biz side mission.

In this Spider-Man Miles Morales Robbers Target Local Biz walkthrough, we’ll explain how to complete the Robber Target Local Biz side mission in the new game.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Robbers Target Local Biz

Robbers Target Local Biz is one of the side missions in Spider-Man Miles Morales that takes place during The Battle for Harlem main mission.

This side mission will reward you with 1500 XP and 10 Activity Tokens upon completion.

Talk to Caleb
You begin your journey of solving this robbery mystery by talking to someone in the hair salon.

This hair salon is near to your apartment, just around the corner.

You’ll get to know that the missing inventory has gone to some shipping center.

Head towards the Midtown in the south to look for a business owner.

Eventually, you’ll realize that the business owner has been kidnapped. Now, you’ll be relying on your own detective skills to solve the mystery.

There are two elements that you can inspect, a wallet and a jacket. Both of them are surrounded by cops.

Therefore, you’ll need your camouflage to inspect them without having the attention of the cops.

Cops can’t see you but they can definitely see the objects moving.

If you feel like you’ll have their attention while trying to inspect these two elements, try diverting their attention.

One of the ways of doing this is to shoot webs at nearby cars or objects.

Also, don’t forget to recharge your camouflage ability. You don’t want it to run out amidst the cops.

Stop the Kidnappers Car
Camila knows about the plans of the thugs, but unfortunately, she’s in the trunk of their car and the car is getting away.

Start chasing the car but do not shoot a web at the car unless you’re sure you’re close enough.

While you’re chasing the car, the thugs will fire at you so watch out for that. Spidey sense will come in handy in this situation.

Once you’re on the car, start pulling out the thugs and press the square button immediately after the car goes driverless.

Rescue Camila and this objective for the mission is over.

Head to the Docks to Find the Missing Inventory
Now, for the final objective, you have to retrieve the missing inventory. The docks are located in the Financial District.

There’ll be a lot of thugs guarding their possession. However, you cannot kill them, not yet.

At the given moment you don’t know where the inventory is and a dock is a big place.

You’ll get to know about the location of this inventory by eavesdropping on the thugs.

All conversations are not worth listening to. Pressing R3 will point you in the right direction.

Don’t forget to camouflage before eavesdropping. You can recharge your camouflage by flying up to the containers where no one can see you.

The most important conversation will be taking place at the back end of the docks. That’s where you’ll get to know where your POI is.

Once you have the location, start taking down the thugs. It’s better if you do this in a stealthy way and eliminated one thug at a time.

The container that you’re looking for is in the middle of the yard. It’s green in color and has a white star on it. But it also has another container stacked up on top of it, and another right by its side.

The container on top won’t be a problem, but the one on its side will need to be pulled away using the huge magnet above you.

Once the container is free to open, you’ll be bombarded with several more thugs and they’ll be carrying rocket launchers.

Send their rockets right where they came from, and stick the rest of the thugs to the container.

Open the container, retrieve the missing supplies and you’ve completed the side mission.

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